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Drones & robotics in logistics operations

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The presentation delivered during Post Expo 2018

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Drones & robotics in logistics operations

  1. 1. www.pwc.pl Drones and robots in logistics operations Post-Expo 2018 Grzegorz Urban
  2. 2. Within 10 years postal operators processes will not require any humans as their tasks will be performed by a variety of autonomous devices 2 Example of parcel cycle without involvement of any human First-mile Transport Sorting Centres Last-mile transport PICK-UP CENTRES FINAL DESTINATION BACK OFFICE
  3. 3. Parcel fulfillment and pick-up processes in warehousing will be fully automated as the majority of operational tasks will be performed by autonomous robots supported by drones 3 Pick-up and transport robots Inventory drones SEE MORE AUTOMATION IN WAREHOUSING PROCESSES Smart warehousing centre of the future where are no human-based operations and each task is fulfilled by a variety of autonomous robots and drones Autonomous pick-up and transport robots 1 Automated inventory reconciliation 2 PICK-UP CENTRES BACK OFFICE
  4. 4. Transport between logistics hubs will be performed by autonomous vehicles moving on specially designed routes 4 Autonomous vehicles Specially designed lanes Fully autonomous and optimized transport between pick-up points and sorting centres TRANSPORT AUTOMATION Autonomous vehicles1 Specially designed lanes2 Real-time route optimization3 FIRST-MILE TRANSPORT BACK OFFICE
  5. 5. Robots will also work in sorting centers … 5 Modern sorting centre where all processes are automated starting from unloading delivery from pick-up warehouse and ending with a shipment to the final destination SORTING CENTERS AUTOMATION Sorting conveyor SEE MORE Pick-up and transport robots Inventory drones Scanner Pick-up and transport robots Autonomous site trolley picks package from warehouse 1 Parcel is automatically measured, wrapped placed on the sorting line 2 Robotic arm places parcel on a drone which transports it’s to destination baskets 3 Baskets are taken by robots and loaded into trucks that deliver them to final destination 4 SORTING CENTRES BACK OFFICE
  6. 6. Finally automation will have an impact on last-mile delivery despite the fact that it’s implementation in this area is currently one of the biggest challenges 6 LAST-MILE TRANSPORT & FINAL DESTINATION BACK OFFICE LAST-MILE DELIVERY AUTOMATION Cost-effective last-mile optimization using variety of delivery solutions adjusted to the specificity of the parcel’s final destination Autonomous vehicles1 UAV drones delivery2 UGV drones delivery3 UAV drones UGV drones Autonomus Vehicles Parcel Lockers
  7. 7. …as well as their virtual friends that will support back-office processes related to customer service, complaints handling and other repetitive tasks 7 Reduction of human-based and time-consuming tasks using the functionalities offered by Robotic Process Automation BACK-OFFICE AUTOMATION Customer service1 Complaints handling2 Finance, administration and other repetitive tasks 3 System robots Customer service automation BACK OFFICE
  8. 8. This vision may look like a dream about distant future but even today we can offer a variety of solutions that support progressing changes 8 AREAS REQUIRING AUTOMATION CURRENT SOLUTIONS 05 LAST-MILE 03 SORTING CENTRE 02 TRANSPORT 01 PICK-UP 04 BACK-OFFICE TODAY Automation of processes Robotic Process Automation Drones and Robots Big data optimization
  9. 9. Contact +48 519 507 386 grzegorz.urban@pwc.com Grzegorz Urban Director Transport & Logistics PwC 9