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What is Usersnap? An Introduction to bug tracking.

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What is Usersnap. In this presentation you can find an overview of Usersnap and how to get started with tracking bugs and collect feedback. Everything in your browser.

Usersnap is your central place to organize feedback and collect bug reports. Your new life is awaiting you!

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What is Usersnap? An Introduction to bug tracking.

  1. 1. By Thomas Peham, Usersnap TO AN INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. @TOMPEHAM
  3. 3. About the company
  4. 4. About Usersnap Founded 2013 in Linz, Austria 2 offices in Vienna & Linz 10+ employees 1.000+ customers Mentioned by Forbes Magazine as „one of the European startups to watch.“ The founders, Josef Trauner & Florian Dorfbauer
  5. 5. Trusted by 1000+ small & medium-sized businesses
  6. 6. ….and also by some bigger ones!
  7. 7. Product
  8. 8. Problem The way we communicate bugs and problems on the web is utterly broken: » It is slow, error prone 
 and frustrating. «
  9. 9. Source: 60.000 times question “Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text.”
  10. 10. The Solution:
  11. 11. The Solution:
  12. 12. Step 1: Get a free account. You can sign up for free at usersnap.com. Trials are available for 15 days. GET A FREE TRIAL
  13. 13. Step 2: Create your first project Enter a project name & start your first project. Yay! 🙌
  14. 14. Step 3: Install your feedback widget by using one of our browser extensions. bit.ly/ChromeUsersnap bit.ly/FFUsersnap
  15. 15. Step 3: Install your feedback widget via JavaScript Snippet or CMS plugins
  16. 16. Step 4: You’re done.
  17. 17. Use Cases Website feedback Customer support Bug tracking SEE ALL CASE STUDIES
  18. 18. Integrations? We got you covered. ALL INTEGRATIONS
  19. 19. usersnap.com Now it’s up to you…