exercise anatomy currents joint types sports injuries heat management balance emg therapeutic currents treatment training exercises sports skin functions sweat gland hair fascia skin articular surfaces lower limb joint knee lower limb upper limb drainage lymphatic system lymph nodes lymphatics ugc plagiarism assessment disorder older population elderly geriatric helinski declaration wma icmr nuremberg code research ethics steps in review narrative review systematic review literature review review goals guidelines role of taping taping deformities calcification arthritis pseudogout gout human skeleton system bone skeleton fascicular arrangement fibers muscle cartilagenous joints synovial joint fibrous joint classification movements planes & axis repetitive discharge positive sharp waves fasciculation fibrillation spontaneous potential insertional activity electromyography trochanteric bursitis adductor strain adductor tendinopathy hip pointer vascular necrosis of the femoral head osteitis pubis perthes disease irritable hip quadriceps strain iliopsoas strain muscle strain hamstring strain hamstring gamekeeper's thumb skier's thumb trigger finger jersey finger baseball finger mallet finger sprain of the ulnar collateral ligament of the fir ulnar nerve compression carpal tunnel syndrome hoffman's disease de quervain’s tenosynovitis elbow injuries medial epicondylitis lateral epicondylitis avulsion of medial epicondyle cubital tunnel syndrome ulnar nerve neuropathy little leaguer’s elbow valgus extension overload syndrome thrower’s elbow medial collateral ligament injury golfer’s elbow radial tunnel syndrome tennis elbow electrode inductothermy electromagnetic wave short wave diathermy swd non steady rate steady rate oxygen consumption physiotherapy shoulder rehabilitation shoulder injuries growth hormone gh feedback postural control blood pressure ecg biofeedback parathyroid thyroid hormone thyroid gland thyriod stimulation cuurents hvpgs high voltage pulsed galvanic stimulation diadynamic currents russian currents rc overweight fat bmi obese obesity contraindications indications interferential therapy ift stages cold frost bite warm up injuries prevention electrolyte water carbohydrate loading meal respiratory changes hormonal changes cardiovascular changes breast injuries pelvic injuries exercise incontenence reproductive tract injuries pms premenstrual symdrome oligomenorrhea amenorrhea metabolism crutch walker ambulatory walking aids re-education functional mat exercises hydrotherapy aquatic therapy altitude physiology
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