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Re-imagining the Library Website

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This is a keynote presentation that I presented to the Oklahoma Chapter of the Association of Research Libraries on looking at how academic library websites in the next few years might look, and how the research and design process has evolved in the past decade or so.

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Re-imagining the Library Website

  1. 1. @vacekrae Rachel Vacek, Head of Web Services, University of Houston Libraries OK-ACRL Conference | 11.6.2015 | slideshare.net/vacekrae Re-Imagining the Library Website
  2. 2. @vacekrae
  3. 3. @vacekrae
  4. 4. @vacekrae
  5. 5. @vacekrae
  6. 6. @vacekrae Web Services department We specialize in web and software development, user research, usability testing, interaction design, graphic design, system administration, system integration, content strategy, digital library development, and project management.
  7. 7. @vacekrae re-imagine verb re·imag·ine ˌrē-i-ˈma-jən : to imagine again or anew : to form a new conception of : re-create
  8. 8. @vacekrae imagineer imagine + engineer = imagineer
  9. 9. @vacekrae Rachel Vacek, Head of Web Services, University of Houston Libraries OK-ACRL Conference | 11.6.2015 | slideshare.net/vacekrae Re-Imagining the Library Website
  10. 10. @vacekrae I. Evolution of website redesign II. Web design trends III. User expectations IV. How libraries can imagineer
  11. 11. @vacekrae I. Evolution of website redesign
  12. 12. @vacekrae
  13. 13. @vacekrae
  14. 14. @vacekrae
  15. 15. @vacekrae Small iterative change spreads out the cognitive load required to learn new things on a site. - Aaron Schmidt, INFLUX
  16. 16. @vacekraehttp://www.uie.com/articles/death_of_relaunch/
  17. 17. @vacekrae II. Web design trends
  18. 18. @vacekrae Best practices in 2011 http://digitalcommons.uconn.edu/libr_pubs/40
  19. 19. @vacekrae
  20. 20. @vacekrae Web design trends Responsive design More emphasis on typography Large and beautiful background images Large and unobtrusive video Scrolling instead of clicking More and larger touch targets Flat design Microinteractions Personalized storytelling Personalized user experience Grid style layouts Scalable vector graphics Mega navigation menus Expanding search bars
  21. 21. @vacekrae Responsive design
  22. 22. @vacekrae 5 different responsive sizes for BYU’s library website
  23. 23. @vacekrae Large background image Large touch targets Grid style layout
  24. 24. @vacekrae Large touch targets Large background image
  25. 25. @vacekrae Large background image Parallax scrolling Flat design
  26. 26. @vacekrae Large background image Long pages that scroll Scalable vector graphics Flat design
  27. 27. @vacekrae Longer pages that scroll Flat design
  28. 28. @vacekrae Large background Image Scalable vector graphics
  29. 29. @vacekrae Micro- interactions
  30. 30. @vacekraehttp://info.lib.uh.edu/about/employment Long scrolling pages Large background images Flat design Grid layout
  31. 31. @vacekrae Grid or tile layout Personalized user experience
  32. 32. @vacekrae Grid or tile layout
  33. 33. @vacekrae Personalized user experience
  34. 34. @vacekrae
  35. 35. @vacekrae Grid layout at NCSU Long pages that scroll
  36. 36. @vacekrae Expanding search box
  37. 37. @vacekrae Mega navigation menus
  38. 38. @vacekrae Mega navigation menus
  39. 39. @vacekrae Mega navigation menus
  40. 40. @vacekrae Personal portraits
  41. 41. @vacekrae Personal portraits
  42. 42. @vacekrae Lots of info crammed into a page + Lots of layers = Too complicated to make responsive That’s why Amazon has an app users can download instead Amazon’s website is clearly not responsive to smartphone sized devices
  43. 43. @vacekrae
  44. 44. @vacekrae
  45. 45. @vacekrae III. User expectations
  46. 46. @vacekrae Contextual Inquiry @ UH Libraries A research study that involves in-depth interviews where users walk through common tasks in the physical environment in which they typically perform Used to better understand the intents and motivations behind user behaviors Ethnographic data
  47. 47. @vacekrae
  48. 48. @vacekrae User expectations Full library discovery Personalized user experience Get to resources and info quickly - not buried in site Find resources library has through Google DRM free resources E-resources are printer-friendly Simple, clean design Subtle, large background images Point of need assistance Mobile friendly
  49. 49. @vacekrae Image gallery gets ignored because it looks like an advertisement
  50. 50. @vacekrae Too many options for most users
  51. 51. @vacekrae Too many options for most users
  52. 52. @vacekrae Users look for PDF icon to download or print Want consistency in use of icons across systems
  53. 53. @vacekrae Usable ≠ Good user experience
  54. 54. @vacekrae Full library discovery ≠ Discovery system
  55. 55. @vacekrae Full library discovery Discoverability of more than just content and collections Integrates many existing systems in the library to create search results into “bento box” – results presented by type or resource Includes: ◦ People and expertise ◦ Research guides ◦ Unique collections and local repositories ◦ Exhibits ◦ Specialized services ◦ Library website content http://orweblog.oclc.org/archives/002214.html
  56. 56. @vacekrae
  57. 57. @vacekrae
  58. 58. @vacekrae
  59. 59. @vacekrae Search results presented by different formats Book results include images
  60. 60. @vacekrae
  61. 61. @vacekrae
  62. 62. @vacekrae
  63. 63. @vacekrae
  64. 64. @vacekrae Not quite bento box approach, but still highlighting other library resources while keeping facets
  65. 65. @vacekrae Libraries with “bento box” search results Stanford UNT Dartmouth UNC Chapel Hill Michigan Alabama Rice Vanderbilt NCSU Duke Yale Brown Cornell Princeton Toronto Wayne State … and the list is growing
  66. 66. @vacekrae New services in libraries • Data management services • Data visualization services • GIS services • Social and collaborative citation tools and bibliometrics • Mobile content delivery • Enhanced and more accessible scholarly content • Electronic publishing • Identity management • Web-scale discovery tools • Cross-institutional systems and development partnerships • Multidisciplinary research • Liaisons embedded in curriculum development • Capturing and archiving campus digital research outputs
  67. 67. @vacekrae IV. How libraries can imagineer
  68. 68. @vacekrae Stop doing major website redesigns
  69. 69. @vacekrae
  70. 70. @vacekrae Integrate usability testing into your iterative development and design lifecycle
  71. 71. @vacekrae
  72. 72. @vacekrae Embrace current and upcoming web design trends seen primarily outside libraries
  73. 73. @vacekrae
  74. 74. @vacekrae Conduct more user research
  75. 75. @vacekrae Create or highlight personalization options within the site
  76. 76. @vacekrae My account My favorites Customized RSS feeds Subscribe to X My wishlist My saved resources Popular resources from similar searches
  77. 77. @vacekrae Highlight unique digital assets more
  78. 78. @vacekrae
  79. 79. @vacekrae Highlight services and people more
  80. 80. @vacekrae
  81. 81. @vacekrae License resources that have the least restrictions on saving or printing and that have good user interfaces
  82. 82. @vacekrae Offer full library discovery, not just content discovery
  83. 83. @vacekrae Offer full library discovery, not just content discovery
  84. 84. @vacekrae Connect users to resources and services in their own workflows by making those resources and services more familiar, discoverable, usable, desirable
  85. 85. @vacekrae
  86. 86. @vacekrae The resources and services we provide and the way in which we present them need to be meaningful
  87. 87. @vacekrae
  88. 88. @vacekrae How will you help your library imagineer your website?
  89. 89. @vacekrae Thanks! Credits Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/web-design-trends-to- look-out-for-in-2015 Dempsey, Lorcan, Constance Malpas, and Brian Lavoie. 2014. "Collection Directions: The Evolution of Library Collections and Collecting" portal: Libraries and the Academy 14,3 (July 2014): 393-423. http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/publications/library/2014/oclcresearch-collection-directions-preprint- 2014.pdf Thirteen Ways of Looking at Libraries, Discovery, and the Catalog: Scale, Workflow, Attention http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/thirteen-ways-looking-libraries-discovery-and-catalog-scale-workflow-attention Varnum, K.J. “Library Discovery From Ponds to Streams.” The Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know. A LITA Guide, Chicago, IL: ALA Techsource (2014): 57-65. Stop Redesigning And Start Tuning Your Site Instead http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/05/16/stop- redesigning-start-tuning-your-site/ The Redesign Must Die talk, by Lou Rosenfeldhttp://louisrosenfeld.com/home/bloug_archive/2008/04/the_redesign_must_die_talk.html Thinking about Technology … Differently, by Locan Dempsey http://www.slideshare.net/lisld/thinking-about-technology-differently New Media Condortium Horizon Report; 2014 Library Edition http://redarchive.nmc.org/publications/2014-horizon-report-library Does Discovery Still Happen in the Library? Roles and Strategies for a Shifting Reality, by Roger Schonfeld, http://www.sr.ithaka.org/blog-individual/does-discovery-still-happen-library-roles-and-strategies-shifting-reality Rachel Vacek Head of Web Services University of Houston Libraries http://rachelvacek.com vacekrae@gmail.com @vacekrae Follow my department’s work: http://sites.lib.uh.edu/wp/websit e-redesign/