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Iatefl 2014 workshop

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Iatefl 2014 workshop

  1. 1. A space for stories: stories in space
  2. 2. “Stories rub the facts of our lives. They give us access – if only for a few hours, if only in bed at the end of the day – to what’s beneath.” Jonathan Safran Foer
  3. 3. “We see with memory. My memory is different from yours, so if we are both standing in the same place we’re not quite seeing the same thing. Different individuals have different memories, therefore other elements are playing a part. Whether you have been in a place before will affect you, and how well you know it. There is no objective vision ever – ever.” David Hockney
  4. 4. make stories memorable
  5. 5. objects make stories memorable
  6. 6. people make stories memorable
  7. 7. “It’s really only when you get to see bodies in the space that you get a connection between these ideas that have been in your imagination and what’s tangible.” Phelim McDermott
  8. 8. places make stories memorable
  9. 9. sound
  10. 10. make stories meaningful
  11. 11. emotions make stories meaningful
  12. 12. story telling makes stories meaningful
  13. 13. vbenevolofranca@gmail.com http://valeriabfranca.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @vbenevolofranca thank you