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Valet Service Costa Mesa

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Parking Management Services of America established itself in 1981 as parking management consultants in Los Angeles, CA. Since that time, our company has been family owned, managed, and operated. Today, we offer some of the most experienced network of parking management and valet parking services available in Los Angeles and Orange County. More Info: http://pmsacorp.com

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Valet Service Costa Mesa

  1. 1. Valet Service Costa Mesa
  2. 2. Contact Address  Parking Management Services of America  655 N. Central Ave. Suite #1700  Glendale, CA 91203  United States (US)  Phone: 818-546-8586  Secondary phone: 818-939-3538  Fax: 1-800-552-7275
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  4. 4. Valet Parking And Management Services Costa Mesa  Valet Parking And Management Services Costa Mesa  Our reputation is growing day by day with happy clients all over the nation. We understand completely the risks involved in Valet Parking and subject our associates to undergo alcohol and drug testing. This would ensure enhanced safety because a number of customers are handled every day. We also provide them basic etiquette and training in order to facilitate better among the ever improving business standards. Now we are happy that we provide Traffic Management and Valet service costa mesa to the needy clients at Costa Mesa. Contact us right away for more information and to get a quotation against our services.