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Hive NYC Project Learnin Lab: Global Kids presentation

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Presentation prepared by Global Kids for Hive NYC's Project Learning Lab call.

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Hive NYC Project Learnin Lab: Global Kids presentation

  1. 1. Developing Professional Development Ariam Mogos/Global Kids ariam@globalkids.org @aamogos
  2. 2. Hive Youth Meetups (Young Innovators Squad)
  3. 3. PD Goals ● Expose CRC coordinators to new tools and technologies ● Support CRC coordinators learn new facilitation techniques ● Share strategies to co-facilitate with youth and recruit for programs ● Connect CRC coordinators with other educators across NYC
  4. 4. Japanese Lesson Study
  5. 5. Lessons Learned ● Lesson Study/observation is a great alternative to traditional PD/training ○ CRC coordinators had the opportunity to take note of what youth found engaging and reflect on their own program design/facilitation style ● CRC coordinators were able to evaluate and adopt techniques they found effective ● Debriefing and discussing challenges with educators who have run the same workshop before was a valuable use of time for the CRC coordinators
  6. 6. iDesign
  7. 7. PD Goals ● Support teachers learn Scratch, culturally-relevant pedagogy, computational thinking ● Support teachers remix lesson plans, incorporating their own teaching style and classroom ● Support teachers deliver their lesson plans to students and provide feedback ● Provide teachers with strategies for recruitment and retention
  8. 8. Lessons Learned ● Modeling is an effective strategy for PD: I DO/WE DO/YOU DO ● Remixing and delivering the lesson plan to students enhanced skills and confidence ● Building teacher/educator confidence around learning new technologies is a critical part of any PD
  9. 9. Points of Discussion ● How do you provide ongoing support for teachers/informal educators who participate in your PD? ● How do you document the remixing/adaptation of your curriculum by teachers/informal educators? ● What facilitation techniques do you use to support teachers/informal educators build the confidence to learn a new technology?