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Hive NYC Project Learning Lab: TASC presentation

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In progress project presentation for Hive NYC's Project Learning Lab call.

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Hive NYC Project Learning Lab: TASC presentation

  1. 1. Connect2Tech with MediaBreaker TASC (ExpandED Schools) Francisco Cervantes, Digital Learning Manager
  2. 2. Project Goals Demonstrate a co-planning/teaching instructional approach, supported by professional development that deepens practice of teacher and community educators to facilitate effective, technology integrated experiences that are linked to 21st century skills and video production techniques. Increase capacity of after-school educators and teachers to design Common Core aligned lesson plans with digital tools, encourage critical thinking and collaboration, and address sensitive topics such as sexism in media by applying basic connected learning strategies with the use of MediaBreaker.
  3. 3. Updates Recruited Teams of Educators Five sites total with teams of 6 educators per site, includes 2 formal teachers and 4 community educators Facilitated Three-Day Training Workshop Facilitated by The Lamp on August 17th-19th, discussed expectations and grants Upcoming Mid-Year Training Workshop #1 Scheduled for October 17th and all educators are expected to attend On-site Coaching Visit #1 Site visits start this week
  4. 4. Our Approach Lesson Plan Template Provided by The LAMP, distributed at training and to be collected during site visits Artifact Driven Interview Protocol Walkthrough of lesson plan implementation, success stories and reflection of challenges Key Stories Title, Site, Activity Setting, Activity Purpose, Background, Main Instructional Narrative, Points of entry for media and technology Shared on EdModo Key stories will be uploaded via a single group account
  5. 5. Prompts and Questions 1. What are some successful strategies that you have implemented in the past for collecting lesson plans from participants or to document an educator’s implementation practices/strategies? 2. What website or online network do you use, or have used in the past, for sharing quality lesson plans or educational activities? Why do these websites work for you? If none, what are some things that would matter the most to you in identifying a quality lesson sequence?