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varsha resume

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varsha resume

  1. 1. CCuurrrriiccuulluumm VViittaaee VVAARRSSHHAA..LL..KKAANNTTHH MMoobbiillee nnoo :: 7795369381 Address: No. 19/20,1st floor, 1st Block East Jayanagar, Byrasandra Main Rd,Bangalore-11 E-Mail ID: varshalk1@gmail.com Objective : To prove myself as an asset to the organization by excelling through sincerity and hard work. To work for an organization, which fosters innovation, encourages growth and where I can unlock my potentials to the best of my ability. Strengths: Sincere and dedicated Eager to learn new things Positive attitude Accomplishing task on time Educational Qualification:  2014: Bachelor of Business Management (Finance) from Vijaya Degree College with 56%.  2011: 12th passed from Vijaya pre university College with 67%.  2009: 10th passed from BHSS with 70%. Work Experience: Company : Thomson Reuters Location : Bangalore
  2. 2. Position : Client Support Analyst, (Finance & Risk) Role : Supporting Bill Payer Activities, Ei (Electronic Invoices) Activities, TDO’s (Table of Denial Order) Duration : 06th October 2014 – 03rd April 2015 Project: A Study on COMMON SIZE BALANCE SHEET ON OTIS ELEVATORS COMPANY LTD. Computer Knowledge: Operating Systems : Windows 7, Windows XP, 2003, 2007 etc. Other Knowledge : Basic Knowledge of Computer & its Components, Emailing, Browsing, Chatting etc. Languages Known:  English, Hindi, Kannada & Tamil. Professional Traits:  Good interpersonal and communicational skills.  Highly self motivated, hard working and commitment to excel in the given field.  Good analytical skill with problem solving capabilities sense of responsibility and creative.  Passion towards my work. Personal Profile : Father’s Name : V. Lakshmikanth Mother’s Name : T. Komathi Anasuya Date of Birth : 23-05-1993 Gender : Female Marital Status : Single Communication Address : No.19/20, 1st floor, 1st Block East Jayanagar, Byrasandra main road,Bangalore-560011
  3. 3. DDeeccllaarraattiioonn I, hereby, solemnly declare that all the statements made above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If given a chance to serve under your kind control, I assure you that “I’ll do my best to satisfy my superiors with the quality of the work. Date: Place: Varsha.L.Kanth