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Backlog Review Meetings - Cas2K14

My presentation in the Conference Agile Spain 2014

This is a new event added in our Scrum cycle to discuss the product backlog priorities with all key stakeholders of the product, in order to negotiate together the most valuable items.
The goal of this meeting is increase the relation between Product Owner and key Stakeholders, share the same vision with them and development team and prioritize the best for the product and not the best for my personal needs.

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Backlog Review Meetings - Cas2K14

  1. 1. Backlog Review Meetings what, how and why are key for Product Owners Vanesa Tejada The Next Management - CAS2014
  2. 2. Vanesa Tejada Product Owner Community Facilitator 2 years as Product Owner 3 years as Scrum Master vanesa_tejada Agile - Visual Management - Productividad Personal
  3. 3. As a Product Owner Backlog prioritized to satisfy different Stakeholders
  4. 4. Why the PO need this meeting? Share the product vision with all the Stakeholders Common agreement between Team & Business Reduce meetings and interruptions Definition of Ready Transparency Trust
  5. 5. Why the Stakeholders need this meeting? Think in the product not in their own interests Discuss priorities at the same time and place Negotiate together their own priorities Ensure their expectations are satisfied
  6. 6. What is a Backlog Review Meeting? Share the current product backlog prioritized Show the current work in progress Review grooming items Get new requests
  7. 7. When does the PO celebrate the meeting?
  8. 8. Who are the participants? Stakeholders + Product Owner + Scrum Master ( + Development Team**)
  9. 9. How to facilitate the meeting?
  10. 10. Prepare the Physical Board
  11. 11. The Product Owner provides the vision of the Backlog to the whole company
  12. 12. Thanks! Questions & doubts “Doubts now will confuse you tomorrow” vanesa_tejada