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Helping organizations build deeper relationships with key stakeholders

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About Leader Networks
Leader Networks is a research and strategy consulting group focused on helping organizations build d...
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Social Business / Online Community Development Process

Thinking about creating an online community for your customers, employees or partners but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you have some social media tools in house but need to develop an integrated strategy for social business. We can help. Through this rapid solutions process - which includes the building of a business model and operational model - we can help your company identify the benefits,challenges and potential returns associated with online community.

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Social Business / Online Community Development Process

  1. 1. Helping organizations build deeper relationships with key stakeholders Are You Listening? Social. Business. Online. Operational Impact Online Community Strategy Workshop For those organizations that are considering a B2B online community or understanding how an existing social business initiative might better align with key business processes such as customer service or product development, Leader Networks offers a Community Strategy Workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate a highly interactive forum where the right cross-functional leadership team can convene to envision, develop and refine the business model and determine meaningful ways of measuring success. Why is this important? In our experience, and according to research, cross-functional stakeholders are increasingly likely to participate in the development of social Royal Dutch Shell business programs.1 Leader Networks truly partners What Can Leader Networks Clients Expect? with companies to address The Strategy Workshop is a critical success factor in establishing the foundation important and often critical gaps for any community initiative, and each is specifically designed to meet the unique in their social business, influence requirements of the organizations that we serve. The workshop is preceded by and communication strategies. qualitative research - a series of one-on-one executive stakeholder interviews to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with the social business Their proven model combines initiative. The findings are then incorporated into the workshop materials and research, analysis and consultation leveraged to further refine the agenda. During the two (2) half-day on-site sessions, that simplifies and offers solutions through a series of focused presentations and interactive exercises, Leader Networks works with the leadership team to address key questions such as: • Which stakeholders are we looking to engage with? Why? • What is the business case for this initiative? • What do we have to offer and what do we expect to see in return? to the most complex business and communication scenarios. They quickly earn trust and confidence which is most critical to cutting • Which business processes will be impacted? How? through organizational boundaries • How does this initiative align with our strategic objectives? and barriers within companies • How will we measure success? required for successful outcomes The deliverables, including workshop materials, findings and recommendations, enable our clients to walk away with a thorough understanding of the value that social business brings to the organization and provide a clear roadmap outlining what needs to be accomplished prior to investing in the launch or the restart of the community initiative. 1 The Social Business Benchmark Study – 2013 Preliminary Findings, Leader Networks, LLC and implementation. Don Bulmer Vice President of Communication Strategy
  2. 2. About Leader Networks Leader Networks is a research and strategy consulting group focused on helping organizations build deeper B2B relationships with key stakeholders, thus creating significant competitive advantage and outstanding business results. We guide firms in the strategic use and deployment of online social tools and techniques, including developing innovative ways to listen to, learn about, interact with and build trust across a wide range of constituencies including prospective and current customers, suppliers, partners, and employees via B2B online communities and social business initiatives. For more information contact: Vanessa DiMauro CEO, Leader Networks 617-484-0778 vdimauro@leadernetworks.com www.leadernetworks.com