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Immigration solicitors in london

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Immigration solicitors in london

  1. 1. Immigration Solicitors in London Ven Solicitors is a Nickie firm of solicitors situated in South Wimbledon, London. We are specialized in Asylum, Immigration, Nationality and British passports; we also undertake personal injury, family law, Employment law and civil litigation. We are also specialized in UK courts and Tribunals. Asylum is a category of protection offered to an individual in the UK under 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees, our solicitors will book an appointment with the home office for the Asylum interview and will advice about as to how to present in the interview and will advice about the rights and responsibilities as an asylum seeker in the UK and what will happen if your asylum application is refused and what will happen if you are given asylum in the UK. We are experts in all types of Immigration to UK; we undertake all types of points based visas and all types of short term visas like Tourist visa, family visit visa and business visas. we undertake student visas either short term or long term studies, our solicitors are experts in the visas for working in the uk, we also undertake the family reunion visas. Personal injuries case is unique and we give a free advice in all the personal injury matters and undertake the cases on a no win no fee basis as long as the injury occurred in the last 3 years and it is not your fault, you can keep the full compensation paid by the other party and we claim the fee from the other side, our solicitors will undertake all the injury related cases even if you are injured at the work place. Our firms are experts in Family law cases, we undertake divorce proceedings including decree nisi and decree absolute, we undertake the financial dispute resolution hearings at the courts and custody of children and responsible to undertake pre-nuptial agreements for the couples who are going to be married, we deal with Domestic disputes between the couples and we also undertake consent orders and restraining orders. There are different types of UK Employment law, we undertake all work related problems like unfair dismissal, health and safety issues , unfair treatment at work place and all wage related issues , we represent the clients at the Employment tribunal. Ven solicitors appear at various courts in the UK, including tribunals, county courts, high court and court of appeal, our solicitors appear at the tribunals in asylum and immigration cases and will appear at the employment tribunals in employment related cases and will appear in county courts in relation to the civil litigation cases. If the matter requires to be taken to higher courts our solicitors will instruct the appropriate barristers at high court and court of appeal. Solicitors act as commissioners for Oaths, we prepare affidavits, statutory declarations, change of name deed poll, power of attorney and we attest the documents for authencity. In the Landlord and tenant problems, the tenants can play a major role, also undertaking the illegal occupation and eviction from the property.
  2. 2. Please call Ven solicitors for an initial assessment of your case and consult our solicitors at the office for an initial free consultation, our solicitors will charge a reasonable fee basing on the amount of work to be done and complexity of the matter to be undertaken. Visit : http://www.vensolicitors.co.uk