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  1. 1. T.R.VENKATRAMANI No.4, Vittal Nivas, 2nd Floor Thirumalai Nagar, Velan Nagar Valasaravakkam, Chennai – 600087 Mobile - +919500018844 Email: venx2000@gmail.com CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL – FICTION / NON FICTION – MEDIA Consistent success providing strategic and creative leadership in uniquely challenging situations Proactive decision maker, seeking senior portfolio in creative, programming & implementation across the related sector with reputed concerns Competent and versatile professional offering performance driven exposure of over 15 years managing the entire gamut of activities involved in the media sector. Currently spearheading functions as Creative head with Gtv Communications, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  Demonstrated expertise in managing related activities with channel across all aspects of programming, implementation and operations. Proficient at developing / maintaining budgets and efficient cost management.  Proven expertise with professionalism, leadership skills, resources, talent, tenacity and experience to develop creative solutions for accomplishing the mission and lead a professional and creative team.  Strong competence to create win-win relationship with corporate, media and Skilled at establishing organization and structure right from startup and managing scalability.  Proven skills in problem solving, analysis and coordination in diversified and expanding organizations . Innate ability to handle multiple functions and activities in high pressure environments with tight deadlines  Fast learner with high energy and drive to exceed expectations. Able to quickly assess priorities, triage issues, manage multiple responsibilities, delegate effectively, follow-up and optimize productivity. Executive Highlights_______________________________________________________________________________________ - Efficiently led creative’s including production, finance, Facilities Management and Marketing/Promotions. - Independently reorganized production workflow and created customer-centric culture. - Built and managed creative teams, procured and supervised a variety of vendors to produce spectacular results on time and within budget framework. Core Functional Competencies: Strategic Planning  Facilities Management  Marketing/Promotions  Program Content & Management  Operational Activities  Business/Process Development Client Relationship Management  Cross Functional Coordination  Channel Reliability  Design & Development  Training & Development  Lesion & Networking PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND CAREER ADVANCEMENTS CAREER CHRONICLE NON FICTION HEAD RADAAN MEDIAWORKS INDIA LTD , Sept 2012 to Oct 2014 CREATIVE HEAD Gtv communications, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India July 2012 – Present DIRECTED MALAYSIAN TAMIL FEATURE FILM ZHA RELEASED DEC 2011 DIRECTING TAMIL FEATURE FILM 2010 BHAKYARAJ STARRING PREMGI CREATIVE HEAD, Polimer TV, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, April 2009– October 2009 Executive producer , Jaya tv , Chennai , Tamilnadu , India March 1999- March 2009
  2. 2. Key Responsibilities:  Challenged to lead and manage programming team in non fiction and fiction.  Accountable for handling the entire gamut of activities related to programming and all activities including pre & post production.  Accountable for supervising facility design and build-out. Actively involved in developing channel reliability across the masses as well as the advertisers through the years.  Created strong alliances and effective communication channels at all levels including areas like marketing, technical support, rapport with celebrities.  Effectively handled the preliminary design and development of the channel and studio in Chennai. Key Achievements:  Successfully created and promoted the corporate identity and its services on the in-house programming. Formulated & implemented programming and operational policies.  Recruited, developed and mentored dedicated world class team of professionals.  Instrumental in developing detailed operating and project budgets. Awards and Recognition Won the RAPA Award and Mylapore Arts Academy Award for the show Chellamey chellam . A Few of my works  Andrum Indrum Endrum by Maestro Ilayaraja, Ilayaraja performing on stage for the 1st time, 2006  MGR – NTR Trophy Star Cricket (2006) Chennai & Dubai, Cricket match between Kollywood Vs Tollywood Film industry personalities, 2006  SICA Awards, 2004  Steps (2004) South Indian Dancers Union Show, Star Nite Show  Lights on, Star Nite Show, 2003  Cinema Express Awards, 2002  Hasini Pesum Padam  SPB’s Ennodu Pattu Paadungal Have been an integral part of most of the fiction and non fiction shows for jaya tv during my entire tenure and have delivered the best to my potential. Have also been a part of a few movie discussions and pre production work with ace director Mr.Venkatprabu And gained knowledge on aspects of film making, promotions, business etc.
  3. 3. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS B.A. English literature, Madras university, 1995 Diploma in Film acting, Film Instituite,Chennai,1996 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: 15th DECEMBER, 1973 Multi Linguistic Proficiency: English,Hindi,Kannada PASSPORT : G 0457275 References: Available on Request