meaning semantics grammar phonology syntax merge predicate logic frames minimalism unification information reference sound system signs language of thought ug recursions panini culture phrase structure rules intro weird symbol universals existential propositions index pictures words simple is best language faculty metaphor fuji code history movement heads ambiguity chomsky descartes roundworm genes valency syntactic category attitudes bonfire night empire colonialism reverse culture shock natural time flies perspective wh-movement endurance hunting gut size calories tools meat fire homo homo sapiens shared intentionality cooperation random mutation tomasello icon speech sounds homo erectus language differences piraha concept all exists cogntion internal structure how the brain works the brain variables quantifiers sentence semantics creativity analagy creation the word beginning identity case study concepts categories practice bare phrase structure x-bar theory innateness hypothesis evolution mystery recursivity molecules sanskrit nature ppap repeat combine welsh sound systems xhosa igbo yoruba phonetics practical 英文学科 都留文科大学 national differences regional differences individual differences variation open source pronunciation phonetic alphabet understanding people's thinking decoding encoding conventional senoumi lake gptemba hoei sea of trees meditation warring states ascetic practices holy mountains principles pragmatics maxims implication illocutionary context perlocutionary locutionary real meaning truth values trash poetic endurance artistic change roots formula different kinds close distance imagination retribution immortality death calculus logic predicate propositional fairy stories other mountains height size volcanoes important legends basics cognition religion globalization merits demerits ninja planet magma volcano eruption samurai space semiotics word animals babies brain models universal grammar exceptions the basics down to the wire historical development of syntactic theory. straight line cultural differences cycle structure sharing feature sharing features structure sharing rather than movement realistic phases problems with minimalism agreement sashimi patron saints thanksgiving s is vp simple structure phrase phrases have heads tensed binding untensed problems barriers assimilation be nice multiculturalism don't start wars minimalist program embodiment gestures accuracy dp etc cp ip ap development of x-bar theory. very simple questions about grammar and innateness mckenna dawkins innateness pairs linguistics tsuru me mobile infinity humboldt medals nobel prize malaria unify transform transformation psr 65 -86 uniformity transformations what does creativity and language mean? dna molecular biology forensic science eye color methylmercury methylation plankton mercury response monism dualism modern scientific rational cultural traditional fmri eradication combination therapies guinea worm resistant quinine drugs greenhouse gases soot arctic contrails tax emissions global warming injections rods opsins squirrel monkeys cones biolinguistics cognitive linguistics feature percolation raising verbs simple agreement features subcat feature structures content subcategorization attribute value matrix minimilast. unification. syntax. semantics. comple immigration. population decline. aging society. ra body shaming rubenesque government policy cigarettes obesity overweight st. david's day guy fawkes catholics tradition silk road columbus technology henry the navigator imf cross-cultural competence hatuey (3c) intercultural competence adjustment honeymoon culture shock anxiety asch group-oriented milgram individualism experiments conformity kawaii beauty appreciation learned cultural difference sasa zamani perception time binding theory. minimal structural distance. antec normalisation call mobile learning translation tasks subjacency islands
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