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DataSync SugarCON 2010 Presentation

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DataSync SugarCON 2010 Presentation

  1. 1. What is DataSync Suite? Introduced in 2009, DataSync Suite is a fully integrated business platform.  Connects SugarCRM to Zimbra, Quickbooks, Drupal, and other applications  Easily extensible framework for adding new applications  Can be deployed as a multi-tenant hosted service  Platform backed by venture funded company  Rapidly expanding global partner network
  2. 2. The Cloud is Open, But?
  3. 3. What DataSync Suite Does DSS takes data and shares it amongst all of your business software applications and hardware.
  4. 4. Customer Lifecycle Management Web Content Management Marketing Automation Lead Management Customer Relationship Management Workflow Automation Prospect lands on website Prospect fills out info request form Lead is scored and synced with CRM Sales Process is managed Proposal is submitted Customer places order Follow-up & Ongoing billing management E-mail, Scheduling, Team Collaboration Financial Management
  5. 5. Integration Features  Website form integration with Pardot/Sugar  Communication integration (Email archiving, CRM contact management, single calendar)  SugarCRM order processing/billing history integration with Quickbooks  Full mobile device integration
  6. 6. DSS Solves Cloud Isolation By:  Single user access model (Web portal)  Data integration between applications  Central user & permission management  Single vendor to purchase licenses & services from Advantages:  Seamless user experience  FAST Deployment  Cloud or on-premise  Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  7. 7. Distribution ChannelDistributorVARUsers
  8. 8. Observations  Market education is key - Distributors/VARs/Customers are not aware of options  Vendor collaboration is a requirement  Co-marketing helps us all win, helps customers gain more value  “The Cloud is Open”
  9. 9. Expert Panel  Bradley Van Peursen - CEO, iTelework  Derek Grant - VP - Sales, Pardot  Doug Guilbeau - Managing Director, Levementum  Dell Ross – Director, Channel Development, SugarCRM
  10. 10. Questions and Answers