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App Proposals - Cab Booking

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Client wants to build a mobile application similar to existing Android App of VU Cabs with delightful booking experience for customers like - Easy Onboarding, Quick Bookings, Real Time Updates, Seamless Payments, Security & Ratings.

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App Proposals - Cab Booking

  2. 2. Project Description Project Scope Need to build the Cab Booking iOS application. Client Objective Client wants to build a mobile application similar to existing android app of VUCabs. Project Information Web Technologies : PHP, MYSQL, CSS and Jquery Mobile Technologies : iOS
  3. 3. User App Features CLEAN UI Easy to use Sign in / Sign up and Forgot password screen with clean UI BOOKING INTERFACE Quick Booking Interface with Google API Integration for auto complete . GOOGLE API Calculation of approx. tariff on the basis of Google api between 2 location’s . TAXI TYPES Support easy to add taxi types from backend CMS TARRIF RATES Support Day and Night different tarrif rates for taxi’s. CANCELLATION Support Cancellation of order any time if Driver is not assigned.
  4. 4. Delightful taxi booking app experience for customers Easy Onboarding Users can easily create an account using their email or choose to login with their social accounts. Quick Bookings Users can view the available ride options, choose a destination, get fare estimates, ETA and book a ride with confidence. Real Time Updates Users are able to track driver to their pickup location in real time on a map, get alerts when their cab arrives via SMS and push notifications. Seamless Payments Users are able to pay for their ride from payment options available including cash and view their ride history. Security & Ratings Your customers can use built-in SOS button during emergencies, share ride with family, friends or employer and rate drivers for their service.
  5. 5. Driver App Features Easy Sharing Drivers can quickly share their ride route with fellow passengers. Real Time Requests New ride requests are sent to ride sharers with trip details to take action. Trip Information Drivers are provided necessary details to make pickup and drops easier. Built-in Navigation Drivers can use Google Maps navigation for pickups, best routes, ETA and more Contact Passenger Drivers can call passengers to get pickup instructions when needed. Driver Dashboard Drivers get details on their earnings, upcoming trips, feedback and more.
  8. 8. REQUIREMENTS SUMMARY Project Module/ Stage Sub Modules System Architecture Requirement Analysis User Interface Design Web Application Development Web API Integration Mobile Application iOS Application Quality Assurance • Unit Testing • Functional Testing • Security Testing
  9. 9. Requirement Analysis • We need our team to understand and clarify our questions • Requirements clarification / meeting will be required • Technical clarification / meeting will be required • Technical or User Interface Wireframes as needed • Software Requirements Specification Document • Other relevant documents will be submitted • Project Initiation Meeting 9 User interface analysis & design • Design to be shared by the Client
  10. 10. User Roles • Visitor – Those who are visiting website • Users – Users who are registered with our application and access the features of application. • Administrator – Who controls entire application, security & settings and customers 10 Process Flow Details It explains business Logic of our application on how it works between different modules & Users. Details about application functionality will be listed separately. • Signup – Users can register with the application by using by using their mobile no, country, once the registration will be completed users can able to view their account information and access the features. • API – Mobile applications will call our API from their native interface to process data transaction between mobile application & web. Once it fetches related information, it will be displayed in mobile application • Administration – We will provide an application backend, where site moderator can login and manage things. • Analytics & Reports – Our system will keep generating updated reports & statistics to show recent productivity • Settings – After logging in by User, based on type of user we will provide controls to manage relevant settings.
  11. 11. THANKS VIBES COMMUNICATIONS Website: www.vibescom.in Email: info@vibescom.in