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Broadcast India Show - Digital Marketing Proposal

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Vibes work on Search Engine Optimization, take care of Social Media Pages and Postings, Invest in google and other relevant channels for your brand's visibility and work on lead generation.

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Broadcast India Show - Digital Marketing Proposal

  2. 2. Broadcast India Show exclusively caters to the needs of the entertainment industry. The philosophy of the company is to bring the knowledge of the latest technology for the entertainment industry to the doorsteps of the Indian technocrafts and business personnel of this trade. Creative Technical Corporate Sales & Marketing Others Digital Marketing Services ABOUT 2
  3. 3. 33
  4. 4. Behind the scenes gossipsLook what Directors has to say Running Contests Live #OneonOne session Social Media Audit TWITTER: 137K Followers FACEBOOK : 1.01 Lac Likes INSTAGRAM : 5844 Followers
  5. 5. Buzzz About the Event It’s all about BLOGS Countdown For ticket sale for more user engagement Social Media Audit TWITTER: 10.8K Followers FACEBOOK : 2.17 Lac Likes INSTAGRAM : 1624 Followers
  6. 6. 6 •2D/3D Animation •Asset Management •Archive •Audio •Broadband •Broadcast •Cable •Cameras •DAB •DBS •DST •DTT •Desktop Video •Digital Film •Film •Graphics •Grip •High Definition •Interactive media •Internet •IPTV •Lighting •MPEG •Mobile TV •Multimedia •Music •Outside Broadcast •Production •Radio •Recorders •Satellite •Servers •Streaming •Systems Design •Television •Test & Measurement •Transmission •Video •Visual Effects •Webcasting •Widescreen •Other leading innovations from the entertainment industry Exhibit Profile Key decision makers, specifiers and buyers from Government and Private sectors including: • Advertising Agencies • Audio Production & Post Production • Cable & Satellite Companies and Operators • Cinematography/Videography • Computer Graphics & Animation Facilities • Digital Visual Effects Facilities • Duplication & Replication Industry • Film/TV Studios • Film Exhibitors and Theatre Owners • Press • Production & Post Production Facilities • Sound Recording Studios • Stage Show & Stage Promotion Companies • Systems Designers/Integrators, Installation Engineers & Executives • Television Stations • TV & Radio Broadcasters • Manufacturers/Agents/Distributors/Dealers and Resellers of Hardware Technology Visitor Profile
  7. 7. Getting Pre Registration SMO SEO PPC Central Idea To propagate Broadcast India Show to right TG Broadcast India Show Website/ Landing Page Social Campaigns(FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram) for relevant TG Mail Campaigns to right TG Advertisement Campaign to reach right TG Communication Strategy Event : Broadcast India Show Place: India & Foreign Locations Target Audience: Broadcast Industry Promotions: Digital
  8. 8. 8 Landing Page with clear cut message and call to action is required on landing page. Landing Page should have Enquiry form taking below details: Name: Designation: Company Name: Phone: Email: Remarks(if any):
  9. 9. Vibes can work on Search Engine Optimisation strategy for Broadcast India Show. All important keywords would be targeted for making Indian event successful through organic and inorganic mechanisms. We would recommend to invest highly on Google Ads(Search, Display, Mobile, Remarketing, Youtube) Some keywords of focus: Broadcast India show, BI 2016, Broadcast exhibition, Broadcast show, Film and Television show 9 1
  10. 10. Vibes would also take care of your Social Media Pages and Handles Posting bi-weekly or daily depending upon the requirement. Increasing likes, getting followers, adding users, getting leads would be the KPIs. Linkedin can be a great source to target right set of exhibitors and visitors. Linkedin & Facebook Groups can be targeted for Broadcasting audience. 10 2
  11. 11. Investing in Google & other relevant channels for getting our brand visible & reaching to audience we always aspire to 11 3
  12. 12. Pre Event Campaigns like Twitter Chats, Facebook Events, Webinars, Lead Generation Campaign can be managed by Vibes An exclusive campaign can be targeted for small start-ups, SMEs to be positioned with Large Broadcasting names of the industry over the same Dias Another campaign around testimonials of past year’s exhibitors and visitors Exclusive day say “Friday Broadcast” can be planned for sharing updates of upcoming event in form of story telling every Friday from now onwards 12 4
  13. 13. 13 5 #YashrajStudios is coming. R u joining us #NDTV is covering the show. Do you want to get covered Join us for spotlight with #IndiaToday Want to have a stall near #MudraAdvertising. Connect to us now #Hungama is looking for Media Persons. Are you one
  14. 14. 50K + Taxes/Month 14 1.25 Lac +Taxes/ Month Invest in 1 Lac to start with. Vibes would take 20% commission for ads management Can be discussed later Cost Estimate 1 2 3 4