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Strategy deck for acquiring new hosts by rental marketplace

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It talks about the entire approach of how to attract the hosts & what should be the overall market strategy in the digital field.

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Strategy deck for acquiring new hosts by rental marketplace

  2. 2. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 2 V Index • Demand Generation Flow • How would Host Move to next round of Demand Generation Flow • And yes how to find the Host • What entices host • Portal Communication-Suggested • Overall Marketing Strategy & Importance of Content • Integrated Marketing Approach • Summary
  3. 3. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 3 V DEMAND GENERATION FLOW Nurture NurtureNurture OPPORTUNITY Nurture Completes form in return for valuable content Prospects looks around site to see what’s on for him/her Prospect now highly engaged – accelerate towards next round Prospect is sent more content relevant to interest Prospect behaviour demonstrates they are ready to tie up for being a host Prospect handed over to concerned dept. Website Discover Consider Decide Prospect enters web via Inbound or Outbound marketing
  4. 4. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 4 V HOW WOULD HOST MOVE TO NEXT ROUND • How should we move, as a brand or just as an aggregator • Brand identity would help us. We recommend communication which compulsorily has logo, brand guidelines and contact details in place on all the content shared with the host • For any startup, it is Honesty which impresses the opposite side • Showcase that you understand the shortcomings of the business • Your solution should impress the opposite side, as it is more personally curated and can generate lots of revenues in a small span of time • Highlight individual business plans for the customer who are on the opposite side. Communicate in form of nos. that you can earn more & more quarter by quarter • They want to see some old success stories, where host has uploaded their properties. • User impresses from another user and that should be our success mantra • We would recommend Infographics or Video Success Stories
  5. 5. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 5 V BUT THE BIGGER QUESTION HOW SHOULD WE FIND THE HOST?? • Such hosts are visible on lots of travel sites, be it AirBNB, Trip Advisor, some OTAs, sites like Magic Bricks & 99 Acres(in India), Oyo Rooms, Homestay sites, Travel Agents etc. • If we get such databases, it would be of great help. We can run strategic mailer/ Whatsapp campaign on them. • Anyways such hosts are also visible online on different local travel groups(Facebook, Yahoo, Google etc.). We need to touch base them for registering with our portal. • On the offline level, every city has different sectors, blocs where such hosts can be easily identified. We can touch base these sectors/blocs through offline marketing exercises.
  6. 6. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 6 V WHAT ENTICES THE HOST • Landlords/Hosts see long-term rental income as low risk. Highlight this as one of key USPs • Landlords would love to have a look a end user/customer’s history. • In a nutshell, A good ROI for Host entices the most. Suggest a plan which they cannot say NO.
  7. 7. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 7 V PORTALS COMMUNICATION  There has to be a Seller’s zone on website. Like host.xyz.com if the main website has xyz.com  Showcase what would host get if he/she aligns with our portal  Take help of localized communication. If I am searching for Kasol in India for being a host, I need to get that local flavor in my searches. It would help the portal in diverse geographies  There would 3 types of users who would be visiting our host zone o One who can directly sign up with us o One who would take some time in understanding us o Last who is just a visitor and bounces off o There has to be different philosophies for such different set of users. You need to give some time to really convert suspect into a prospect.
  8. 8. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 8 V PORTALS COMMUNICATION • Get Localization right • Localization is just not keywords, it is also the content & experience that impresses the end user • Mix of Top Down & Bottom Up Approach • Top Down Approach, where you think from a larger geography perspective towards a particular city • Bottom up approach where an individual thinks to move out of a particular city
  9. 9. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 9 V OVERALL MARKETING STRATEGY • Have a host activation team or host engagement team. • Referral programs work a lot. Give host & travel agents the privilege for aligning to such referral programs. • Manually, calling BnBs and small guesthouses that could register on the platform. • Naturally. Renters tend to naturally become hosts once they've tried the service and see it works well. • Local listing would help in multiple cities. These local listings can be local directories and also Google local listings with appropriate reviews. • Requesting a brand KOL/Ambassador for different geographies. Call centre does help, but users want to talk/meet in person with this individual person/team. We recommend the same • Social Media, Mailers, SEO, Google & FB Ads would also work • It is the social network effects that make the sharing economy work and regardless of what else is done without support there this kind of business would not scale. • Word of mouth would always be the biggest marketing assistant for our kind of platform
  11. 11. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 11 V OVERALL MARKETING STRATEGY Traffic on Website SEO(Global & Local SEO) Social Media Exercises(Host Acquisition) Ads(Google & Fb Ads) Mailers(Targeted Communication) Whatsapp( Targeted Communication) Offline Ways to convert Prospect into HOST. This would be through meetings, telephone/skype calls etc.
  12. 12. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 12 V SUMMARY • Trust is the important aspect of business • A startup should approach the Host with the same trust and honesty • As a startup, you need to fill gaps which are there inside the current business problem • Your solution should speak ROI, low risk and scalability
  13. 13. VIBESCOMMUNICATIONS 13 V THANK YOU W W W. V I B E S C O M . I N Name & Designation +91- 8586932863 nishith.srivastava@vibescom.i n