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Victory One A Thon

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Victory One-a-thon

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Victory One A Thon

  1. 1. Claiming Restoration for His Kingdom... Psalm 126 Victory One Victory One-a-thon Engage. Encourage. Equip. Thank you for choosing to partner with us to see how God is building His kingdom on East 55th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. Victory One is here to connect you with those who are broken, neglected, and rejected by our society. We believe by engaging in conversation, encouraging community sharing, and equipping with the necessities to succeed, we can help people realize their worth is God’s eyes. We were all created perfectly by His hands. God loves all the same and has created each one of us for a reason and a purpose: to love God and to love others. Cleveland Victory Nazarene Church Join us in gathering support! Victory One 1632 E. 55th Street Walk and see the potential of our Cleveland, OH 44103 216.881.3115 E. 55th Community... victoryone@me.com Saturday, October 3, 2009 www.victoryone1.com
  2. 2. Investing in Kingdom Potential... Donor Pledges On Saturday, October 3, 2009, we will gather together to walk our Name Address Phone # Pledge community claiming restoration. We are going to celebrate together for what was, what is, and what is to come through His blessings. We are going to celebrate in advance for tears turning into smiles, emptiness into overflowing, and anger into joy. Join us in gathering support and watching His workings unfold. Saturday, October 3, 2009 Schedule Registration 9:00am Start Walking 10:00am Lunch 12:00am Ceremony Departure 12:30am 1:00am 10.3.09 To Participate: Fill out a participation agreement Agree to walk 5 miles on October 3, 2009 Raise $200 in donor pledges Turn in pledge money by September 19, 2009 (to be eligible for prizes) Prizes: Raise $25 - Receive a Victory One rubber bracelet Raise $200 - Receive a Victory One t-shirt -- for every $100 more receive an additional t-shirt (per family) Raise $500 - Two Cleveland Browns tickets Total: Raise $750 - Eligible for the Grand Prize