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Go Cloud Native with IBM Bluemix Developer Console - GIDS17

  1. Go Cloud Native with Bluemix Developer Console - Mobile Pattern Vidyasagar Machupalli, Offering Manager for Dev Productivity, IBM
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  3. Agenda • What is Cloud Native • Pattern Overview • Use Case Example • How to deliver it today • Summary
  5. Agility, Speed Time to Market, Fault Tolerant Apps Developer Productivity, Using the Right Tool for the Job, Retain and Hire Talent Cost Efficiency, Productivity, Apps that Infinitely Scale Innovation with Cognitive Embrace Polyglot Programming and Open Adopt Microservices Architecture & DevOps Leverage a Cloud Platform Designed for Cloud Native The Cloud Native Approach
  6. Domain Services Mobile Watson IoT Block Chain Health Video SecurityandCompliance Methods&Services Developer Services Data & Analytics Integration App Services DevOps Tooling Containers Cloud Foundry Event-Driven Infrastructure Services Compute Storage Network Let talk about how Bluemix can support Cloud Native IBM Bluemix, and it's set of domain services, developer services, infrastructure services, partnered with IBM Bluemix Garage services and expertise are the key offerings to help our clients succeed.
  7. 7 4/20/17 What are Patterns ? In software engineering, a software design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design. Design patterns are formalized best practices that the programmer can use to solve common problems when designing an application or system.
  8. 8 Some of the common patterns used in a Cloud Native solution
  9. There are lots more , depending on your adoption of Cloud Native • The following is a summary of the common app patterns for Bluemix this is not a complete list but a starting point to level set on some basic architecture patterns that you build cloud native solutions with. – #1 Mobile to Service • Entry level pattern where the Mobile device either Native or Hybrid mobile directly communicates with a High Value Service. – #2 Mobile or Web to Backend for Frontend • Entry level pattern when a developer or project needs common logic or multi channel capabilities and abstracts with REST – #3 Server less Events • The developer is now extending the features of their application and needs to use server less features for async processing of integration of services. – #4 API Connectivity with Micro Services • The developer organization is moving to a Micro Service design and needs to manage the API releases and delivery of the services. – #5 Cognitive • The organization is starting to integrate Cognitive features and APIs – #6 Internet of Things • The organization is starting to consume data in flight and analyze it with data in store – #7 Async processing of Cloud Services • The organization is and development teams are starting to apply enterprise patterns for cloud service management, data offload and storage etc. – #8 Four Tier Forester Architectures • The organization is using mixed Public, Hybrid and Local and delivering complex Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record New Developers Web Developers Mutli Channel New Patterns early adopters Extending new business models Traditional IBM Customers Enterprise Cloud Behavior Startups Multi Team
  10. A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers. • Apple and Google have the largest market for Mobile Operating Systems • Often built using Native programming toolset with iOS and Android What is a Mobile App ?
  11. A BFF is tightly coupled to a specific user experience, and will typically be maintained by the same team as the user interface, thereby making it easier to define and adapt the API to the user interface requirements. • More flexibility for continuous delivery, no centrally controlled API • Enables digital channels to evolve quickly and to business needs • Contains transformational logic, integration logic, app facing API, possibly RPC in nature What is a Backend for Frontend
  12. Example: Order Management Use Case Generated SDK System SDK Push Notifications IOS, tvOS, Mac (Swift) Android (Java) Cordova Hybrid HTML5 (JavaScript) Digital Channels User Layer Example Omni Channel application service different use end points and requirements , using Cloud Native Micro Services architecture iOS App Web App Voice App Public API iOS BFF Edge Layer Web BFF Chat BFF API Connect IBM Cloud Product Handling (ms) Business Logic Layer Foundational Layer Orders (ms) Stock (ms) Products (ms) Notification Action (event) Order Handling (ms) Cloud Native Service Cloudant Elastic Search Watson Conversation Storage REST API Node.js, Swift, Java Other polyglot languages Node.js, Swift, Java Other polyglot languages AppIDAuthentication AppIDAuthentication
  13. INTRODUCING THE BLUEMIX DEVELOPER CONSOLE A fast way to start your journey towards cloud native application, enabling fast creation of common patterns and integrating with local dev/test and deploy through dev ops pipelines 1 3 4/20/17
  14. Project Generation Bluemix Developer Console Value for Bluemix developers Bluemix DevCLI Bluemix Developer Console 1. Starts with… Bluemix Codes … Check in to… App DevOps Open Toolchains Github Kicks off… Builds & Deploys… Developer Calls … Generates … Source Code IDE Orion, VSCode, Atom, Xcode… Autoscale Logmet BAM Integrates with … Provisions … Local ContainerLocal container generation and management Local build and debug Project scaffolding SDK generation Service provisioning API Model generation Swagger generation
  15. Developer push code into git Micro service build pipeline Gather feedback Hourly Hourly Release Hourly Daily Weekly Deploy to Containers, Clusters, Cloud Foundry or Serverless Select Pattern, Starter and Language, scaffold your starting point fast CI Build Testing Monitor Automated Testing using various frameworks and tools Bluemix Developer Console Developer Life cycle Configure pipeline NPS Local Dev/Text Artefact storage Code analysis Cloud Native Patterns Test tools and frameworks
  16. LETS WALK YOU THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE IBM has integrated a set of tools and capabilities directly in the IBM Bluemix console and delivered a comprehensive CLI tool to enable you to start your cloud native story with IBM Cloud 1 6
  17. Select Web and Mobile from Bluemix Menu Select Web and Mobile Select Create Project
  18. Create a Project by selecting a pattern Select a Starter, help to get you get a production ready starting point 16+ Starters Select your pattern Select your Starter
  19. Complete Creating your Project Select your Language
  20. Bluemix Development Experience + Services + Runtimes + Code Generators = ❤ SDKs SDKs APIs Associate Service Capabilities with your project
  21. 21 4/20/17 Scaffold your working code , and run locally in minutes Click to Generate Code Install local CLI Run code in a local container
  22. 22 4/20/17 Manage you associated capabilities directly in your project view
  23. Create and Run with Dev CLI bx dev createx bx dev runx Run code in a local container Running BFF in minutes Create Project Quickly using CLI
  24. Client SDK ecosystem, automation and quality control
  25. Demo 4/20/17
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