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ILLUSION - Jim Warren

Music:Bond - Bella Donna

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ILLUSION - Jim Warren

  1. 2. An interesting concept is floating around, hundreds of daydreams above the hard ground. A journey of illusion and it's all in your head, probably the best book that you've never read.
  2. 3. It's a feeling like paradise ~ an infinite sight, it's like walking on water when you're doing it right. You can almost hear music inside your head, sounds of the silence? all quiet instead.
  3. 4. Take a new outlook about visiting a dream, wake up a memory from beyond the mainstream. Look to your future ~ it's right here to find, a breathtaking journey spent inside your mind.
  4. 9. The world as we view it is much like a dance, you can take what is coming and live it by chance... Or seek answers to questions and live it by choice, just follow your heart and answer its voice.
  5. 10. Chance brings that karmic phenomenon, manifested reactions from what you have done. Look for a place that?s hidden within, search for the message, that?s where to begin.
  6. 11. Talk to yourself, have conversation inside, it?s a matter of choice, create from the mind. Picture yourself in a world all your own, then bring it to life from the seed to the sown.
  7. 12. Search & discover the source of white light, don?t settle for anything, reach for the heights. Your goals are the answer to what you achieve, and it?s almost like magic when you start to believe.
  8. 13. Truth & intuition ...bring gifts to rejoice, go it by chance or live it by choice! Victor Kahn
  9. 19. Beginning from children we search for the cure, that will change our opinions from doubt to secure. A miracle potion that just takes one drink, turns dreams to reality ...in the time of a wink.
  10. 20. You want in an instant ~ what takes a lifetime, not willing to study or develop your mind. But if you're a traveler on a search for the truth, you could glimpse that illusion, that Fountain of Youth.
  11. 21. It begins as an image that seems inside-out, with depth and with substance when clearly thought out. Some think the fountain is a place you can find, and spend their life searching ...when it's all in the mind.
  12. 22. Start on a journey that will change your whole life, look inward, with eyes closed ~ to master foresight. Change lessons to harmony, and deception to truth, you can attain all you search for ~ that's the Fountain of Youth.
  13. 43. “ To hell with the rules…paint what you like.” Jim Warren
  14. 44. Jim Warren is one of the most successful & versatile artists in the world today! From the wild & whimsical to the sweet & sensuous, for over 35 years Jim Warren has been painting his way into the hearts and minds of people the world over. Already considered a “living legend of the art world”, Jim continues to surprise and amaze.
  15. 45. Choose for you - VILI www.slideshare.net/vili48 Pictures Jim Warren