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Vinspi milestonesweek5.pptx

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Vinspi's Week 5 Milestone presentation featuring what we've been up to in the Angelcube program. Progress, things achieved and to do's for the coming week.

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Vinspi milestonesweek5.pptx

  1. 1. Week 5 Milestones Presentation Ivan Lim ivan.lim@vinspi.com.au / Confidential - Do not distribute
  2. 2. Last weekUX & UI 90% finishedDev already started - www.built2test.com/vinspitest
  3. 3. Last weekInnovation Bay & David Wei (potential advisor)
  4. 4. Last weekPegasus Group - Corporate Intranet & staff Benefits ProviderPossible Collaboration with Vinspi
  5. 5. Last weekPR list submitted to Melissa ShawyerDiscuss this week
  6. 6. Last weekOnline Reatiler Conference Speaking GigSession : Meet the Disruptors
  7. 7. Last weekMetrics from April 2012Unique Visitors: 3271 (17% increase from March)Bounce Rate: 20.36%New Visits: 84%Conversions need to improve - Rebrand & MeasurementAlternatives is impt
  8. 8. Last weekLegals SignedFew IP contracts left to complete
  9. 9. Last weekFirst Wedding ConsultationGood Feedback with Significant Sales (4 suits, 4 vests, 6 shirts)
  10. 10. This WeekPop Up Store 3-5 locations determined with initial pricing set up
  11. 11. This WeekOrganise New Photoshoot
  12. 12. This WeekNew Packaging Reprint to Start
  13. 13. This WeekMarketing List of Relevant Audiences to target
  14. 14. This WeekMake Initital Contact with Brent Maloney from AFGSuit him up plus possible sponsor of FB Page
  15. 15. This WeekList of HR Professionals to offer Vinspi as part of staff benefitsprogreamSearch Via LinkedIn
  16. 16. This WeekSubmit Online Retailer Industry Awards ApplicationBest New Retailer
  17. 17. This WeekFriday meeting with Tim Stanford about possible Investor rolewithin Vinspi
  18. 18. This WeekBlogger Outreach ideas with Sam and Cheryl - Both FashionBloggers
  19. 19. This WeekSocial Media Intern
  20. 20. Week 5 Milestones Presentation Ivan Lim ivan.lim@vinspi.com.au / Confidential - Do not distribute