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Design critique workshop - Practical UX meetup #11

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Design critique team members: Ljuba Youngblom, Bojan Djuricic, Dragan Babic
Projects reviewed: Startit.rs website, Coinzero application, Petguards.rs website

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Design critique workshop - Practical UX meetup #11

  1. 1. Design Critique Workshop Ljuba Youngblom Bojan Đuričić Dragan Babić Mika Jovičić practical-ux.com/slack
  2. 2. Why Design Critique? • to encourage a positive culture to improve products • to boost open exploration and discussion of designer’s intent and the choices made to reach the designer’s objectives • to detach emotionally from design by receiving feedback from other designers • to help designers refocus their work in areas that fall short while learning about their design process
  3. 3. Design Critique - Feedback that is NOT useful ! • I like it. • I hate it. • It's cool. • I love it. • I don't like it. • I hate you. • I love you. • You are awesome. • You suck. • I wish you should shut up. • Your work is bad so you are bad. • I would have done it like this… • You should try it like that… • What if you did this… • This is right. • This is wrong.
  4. 4. Best Practices • Avoid problem solving during critique • Create an equal playing field • Focus on the things that matter • Practice active listening skills • Focus the conversation with clear scope • Use round robins
  5. 5. Feedback examples Bad: That layout is so confusing?!
 Better: Please explain how does this layout make it easier for the user to accomplish their task quickly and efficiently? 
 Bad: I think that button is in the wrong spot and the overall page looks busy.
 Better: If the goal is to have the user login quickly, I think we are placing emphasis on the wrong elements and hiding the primary task by making the button hard to find.
  6. 6. Inspired by essays • “Improving Design With Critique” - Adventures in UX Design • “Want To Build A Culture Of Innovation? Master The Design Critique” - Co.Design • “Design Critiques: Encourage a Positive Culture to Improve Products” - NNGroup • “How to give design critique” - Mitch Goldstein
  7. 7. Preparation: Project Questions • Why are you doing this project? 
 (what are its business goals) • Who’s your target audience? 
 List at least three personnas. • What problem(s) are you trying to solve? • What does success look like, and why? • List at least 3 adjectives to describe work
 (emotions that should be triggered by target audience)
  8. 8. Project: Startit Website
  9. 9. Startit: Why are you doing this project? • Informisanje i edukovanja domaće zajednice o temama koje se tiču tehnologije i preduzetništva • Prijavljivanje za rad u coworking prostoru • Prijavljivanje za poslove na na sajtu (sekcija: Poslovi) • Obezbedjivanje prostora za brendiranje za kompanije-sponzore (sekcija: Poslovi) • Promocija događaja koje Startit organizuje u lokalnim Startit centrima
  10. 10. Startit: Who’s your target audience? • Programeri: juniori, mediori, seniori • Preduzetnici: tehnološki i netehnološki preduzetnici i ljudi koji su zainteresovani za pokretanje svog startapa • Ostali IT profesionalci i entuzijasti
  11. 11. Startit: What problem(s) are you trying to solve? • Problem nedostatka relevatnih informacija i edukativnih vodiča za ljude koji se u Srbiji bave ili žele da se bave IT-jem i preduzetništvom
  12. 12. Startit: What does success look like, and why? • Naša poruka i naši sadržaji treba dođu do što većeg broja ljudi - osnovna metrika koju gledamo je broj unique visitora koji nam dolaze na sajt svakog meseca. Taj broj ne bi trebalo da nam pada ispod 70.000 usera mesečno, a cilj nam je da iz meseca u mesec on raste od 5-7%.
 70.000 nam je u principu neki broj ispod kog ne bismo hteli da padamo. Odlučili smo prošle godine da dođemo do tog broja redovnih čitalaca jer nam je 70k dugo bio rekordni broj poseta na sajtu, a želeli smo da postane redovan (to nam je uspelo, sad gađamo malo više). Mislim da je to bila cela filozofija iza te cifre :)
  13. 13. Startit: List at least 3 adjectives to describe your work? "
  14. 14. Project: Coinzero Application
  15. 15. Coinzero: Why Are you doing this project? Our mission is to simplify access to cryptocurrencies. With CoinZero, anyone can engage in crypto investment. No instructions needed, whether you are an expert or new to crypto.
  16. 16. Coinzero: Target Audience • Swing Trader: Hold on to positions for several days or weeks at a time. Have full-time jobs or school, but have enough free time to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the global economies.
 • Day Trader: Day traders usually pick side at the beginning of the day, acting on their bias, and then finishing the day with either a profit or a loss.
 • The Scalper: holds onto a few seconds to a few minutes at the most. Their main objective is to grab very small amount of pips as many times as they can throughout the busiest times of the day.
  17. 17. Coinzero: What problem(s) are you trying to solve? • A lot of technical knowledge is required to start investing in cryptocurrencies. • Complicated and lasting verification processes. • High fees. • Poor choice of coins.
  18. 18. Coinzero: What does success look like, and why? • 1,000,000 trades. Trade fee based business model.
  19. 19. Coinzero: Adjectives that describe work • Simple • Transparent • Secure
  20. 20. Project: PetGuards Website
  21. 21. PetGuards: Why are you doing this project? • Resolve the question of Pet sitting in this part of Europe. From one side there is a lot of pets but from another side there are no reliable pet sitters to handle that amount of pets • To become the best pet service provider in this part of Europe • To give the opportunity to unemployed people in Serbia to work what they love - to work with pets
  22. 22. PetGuards: Target Audience • Marko, he is a programmer, He is living with his girl and the dog. He doesn't want to leave his dog to the Hostel, because of bad threatens and he found us as a perfect solution when He needs keeping or walking. • Ivana is a stewardess, She is never at home. So her 2 dogs need someone to be in her house while she is not at home. For her is important to have someone to trust him. So we provide her our trusted keeper. • Milos, He is from Belgrade, traveling a lot because of a job, and he needs someone in his area to take care of his pets. Sometimes to be with them 24h, and sometimes to feed them, or to walk them.
  23. 23. PetGuards: What problem(s) are you trying to solve? • At first place, We are trying to solve the problem of pet keeping, walking because now there are no trusted and checked keepers which you can get in contact fast; our solution is fast and secure
  24. 24. PetGuards: What does success like, and why? • happy pet, and happy owner, our reward for that is a recommendation • creating an opportunity to unemployed people in Serbia to work • community of pet lovers at one place which can always provide better service than Hostels and cages
  25. 25. PetGuards: List at least 3 adjectives to describe your work • Our target audience should feel secure, trust and familiar with our pet keeper • Target audience should always feel free to travel because we will take care of their pets
  26. 26. Thank You! @violinar practical-ux.com/slack