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Concerto 7000 All-Flash Array, with Comprehensive Data Services

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"With Violin Memory, the data is ready, waiting for us whenever we need it." In this presentation you will learn the kind of performance advances and cost savings that result from using the Concerto 7000 All Flash Array, with comprehensive data services.

The Concerto 7000 comprehensive data services provide
* business continuity
* data protection
* data scaling

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Concerto 7000 All-Flash Array, with Comprehensive Data Services

  1. 1. 1 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Concerto 7000 All Flash Array Comprehensive Data Services Business in a Flash. Eric Herzog Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Business Development June 2014
  2. 2. 2 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Global 500 Traction 9 of the Top 15 Largest IT Companies 4 of the Top 10 LargestU.S. Banks 350+ Fortune 500 Class Customers Billions of Dollars Saved by Customers NYSE VMEM Fortune Global 500 leaders Web/Cloud, Telco, Banking, Retail, Government, Healthcare, etc. 1000s deployed 10s of Petabytes delivered Wide Variety of Enterprise and Cloud Deployments/Workloads Flash Leader 3 of the Top 10 Largest Corporations 5 of the Top 10 Largest Telcos 3 of the Top 10 Largest Retailers 5 of the Top 5 Largest Software Companies
  3. 3. © Viol in Memory, Inc . 2014 3 Global Customer Success Public Sector & Education Telecom Media & Entertainment Healthcare & Medical Retail Services & Manufacturing Finance & Technology Insurance ROI in >1 year with 90% reduction in report time for its billing application “With Violin technology the data is ready, waiting for us whenever we need it” ERP system is running 4X faster on the Violin platform.
  4. 4. 4 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Violin Flash Arrays Transform Your Data Center Unmatched Operational Cost Violin Density provides lower power, cooling and floor space Remove caching & overprovisioning to reduce management expense Near Instant Payback Optimize servers and licenses: more workloads at less expense Combine OPEX and CAPEX savings + Business Transformation Flash is faster, easier, and pays for itself
  5. 5. 5 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Example is from an EMEA global financial organization Annual expense by category After Violin All Flash Arrays were installed, next year’s spend changed dramatically Multiple workloads = high ROI Violin Flash Arrays Dramatically Reduce Costs $ / year
  6. 6. 6 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Violin Symphony vMOS& Embedded Platform Software Concerto™ and Windows Flash Array 3rdParty Storage 6000 All Flash Array Maestro 2510 REST APIs & 3rdParty Management Host Software & Application Plug-Ins Maestro Enterprise Data Management Data Movement Services Windows Flash Array Enterprise All Flash Storage Solution Portfolio Concerto 7000 All Flash Array Interface Data Services Hardware “Violin has led the adoption of all-flash storage systems by both enterprises and service providers. Now, Violin is driving flash usage to encompass a wider range of applications. Data center operators need storage systems that not only meet ever-growing performance challenges, but also offer sophisticated data management and protection services.” Tim Stammer, Senior Analyst 451 Group
  7. 7. 7 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Comprehensive Data Services Software Business Continuity Data Efficiency Data Scaling Data Protection Designed for Concurrent Mixed and Multiple Workloads “Hardware architecture –hardware design -matters. To extract maximum performance the molecule to start with is the flash chip, not SSD. Enterprise-caliber data services matter…It will actually change the way you do business.” ArunTaneja, Founderandconsulting analyst The TanejaGroup
  8. 8. 8 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Business Continuity Metro Area Data Center Global
  9. 9. 9 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Comprehensive Data Services Software Business Continuity Remote asynchronous replication Synchronous replication -Local/Metro Zero RPO and RTO for stretch clusters Consistency Groups for replication Automated App DR management WAN optimized replication Data Efficiency Snapshots (app consistent, writable) Thin Provisioning Thin Clones Data Scaling Scale-up to 280TB raw Capacity pooling across shelves Online expansion of capacity Online LUN expansion Single name space across shelves Data Protection Snapshots (app & crash consistent) Consistency Groups for Snapshots Continuous data protection Transparent LUN mirroring Backup app integration “The storage market has always been plagued by an over emphasis on dollar per gigabyte. Now it's about the cost per data center. An all-flash array is a negative cost to the CIO when a solution brings together a one-of-a-kind hardware architecture and advanced software features to sustain enterprise workload performance while reducing hardware, software licenses and power.” Greg Wong, Founder, Principal Analyst Forward Insights
  10. 10. 10 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Feature Details Storage Virtualization Thin Provisioning, LUN expansion, multiple shelf single name space Snapshot Crash consistent snaps Application consistent snaps LUN group snaps 1000 snaps per LUN Consistency Groups (128LUNs per group, best practice: <50) RemoteSite Data Replication Continuousand Periodic-by LUN for applicationcontrol Local,Metro, WAN WAN optimized traffic: Compression/reduction/bandwidth throttling to save on network costs Encryption for Replication traffic Clone Thin Clone Thick Clone DR Automation Framework Automated server recovery Comprehensive Data Services Software
  11. 11. 11 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Feature Details Scale Up Dynamically scale to 280TB raw Single name space across full scale up capacity Dynamically scale LUNs Dynamically utilize new capacity for thin LUNs and snaps Continuous Data Protection Copy on First Write (more efficient than continuous snapshots) Eco-SystemIntegration VAAI VMware ESX SRM-VMware SiteReplication Manager SMI-S Windows 2012 StretchMetro Cluster Transparent Failover/Failback between two sites (upto 100km) Mirroring Transparentmirroring of LUNs between two storage devices Near-ZeroRPO and RTO Zero RPO and RTO For replication For stretch clusters Eliminates the backup window, enables recovery of all files received Comprehensive Data Services Software
  12. 12. 12 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Concerto 7200 Array: Sample Deployment Overview Replicas Promotion for disaster recovery DRServer Datacenter Disaster Recovery Site Application consistency Snapshot Agents Thin, Snap, Clone, VAAI Virtual disk Scale up Stretch Cluster Replication (Continuous, Periodic) Snapshot Agents Snapshot Agents Snapshot Director IP Multiple DBs or DB + email + ERP + CRM
  13. 13. 13 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Flash Fabric Architecture™ Performance -Over 500K sustained IOPS at sub .5ms latency with mixed, heavy workloads using MLC Flash -Automatic Quality of Service Density -70TB raw in 3RUs and low power (500W/RU) Resiliency -Automated, transparent GBC in the background without application performance impact -Designed for long flash life with array-wide flash management, wear leveling and vRAID 64 Violin Intelligent Memory Modules –All FlashStriping across entire system RAID Controller RAID Controller RAID Controller RAID Controller PCIeSwitched Storage Fabric Array Manager Built for Concurrent Mixed & Multiple Workloads “We now see the tipping point for all flash array adoption. Without sophisticated data services, most large enterprises hesitated to make the switch to support the entire business on flash. Now with Violin’s Concerto, these workload heavy organizations now have good reason to consider making the leap into an all-silicon data center for concurrent mixed workloads.” David Hill, Principal Mesabi Group
  14. 14. 14 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Performance, Density & Resilience Switched Flash Fabric Architecture -Heart of the system -4x vRAIDControl Modules (VCM) Array control modules -Controls flash fabric -System level PCIeswitching Active/Active Array Managers -Storage virtualization -LUN configuration -Fully redundant hot-swappable hardware -Fans, power, gateways, controllers -No Downtime with non-disruptive upgrades (NDU) for firmware and software SWITCHED FABRIC 24 to 64 Hot Swappable VIMMs
  15. 15. 15 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Comprehensive Data Services Software Mixed and multiple heavy workloads Performance to transform your data center and your business Up to 280TB raw capacity-ALL FLASH Upgrades from 6000 available to 7000 Concerto 7000 All Flash Array Concerto 7000 “Users are looking to go beyond tactical deployments that solve the need of a single application and therefore functionality like non-disruptive software and hot swappable components are essential to prevent down time. Violin Memory has combined its home grown data management features with its flash array architecture to do just that.” Stu Miniman, Principal Research Contributor Wikibon
  16. 16. 16 © Violin Memory, Inc. 2014 Thank You Business in a Flash.