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Twitter for artists and musicians. New tool of music marketing.

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Twitter, the microblogging website, is the third social network in the world and has over 7.5 million followers in France. For nearly five years, the site has grown considerably and has become an indispensable tool which has totally transformed the relationship between the artists and their fans. But Twitter is more than just a tool of communication for artists with their fans. In this workshop, we will see how to concretely use Twitter in order to develop and optimize its presence.

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Twitter for artists and musicians. New tool of music marketing.

  1. 1. Virginie BERGER/DBTH in partnership with MaMA
  2. 2. DBTH was proudly founded to provide strategy, business development, media relations and networking to amazingly cool people and companies in the creative space.MaMA is one of the most dynamic music convention and conferences in Europe. Based in France, MaMA has showed its usefulness and pertinence for France as well as other territories, providing a market place to make deals, and to share experience with others professionals, to consider and discuss updates and change and to discover new artists.MaMA makes available 80 concerts, 30 conferences, debates and workshops, speed meetings, lunches… 2
  3. 3. About Virginie Berger•  I ve been online 15 years!•  I run DBTH, a strategy and development firm for artists, creatives industries, emerging tech.•  Author: “Music and digital strategies”(Amazon, iTunes…)•  I’m specialized in music, creative industries and digital marketing•  I’m a member of IAB / IDM Joint Digital Council•  I also host «On refait la musique», a talk show about the music industry. 3
  4. 4. Twitter is the third social network in the world (ahead of MySpace..)
  5. 5. Why Twitter?
  6. 6. For any professional, whatever their business sector:-  Develop their web presence (especially if their account is linked to blogs and others social networks)-  Inbound marketing-  Implementing competitive intelligence (this is the targeted information stream),-  Networking...
  7. 7. Twitter is centered on shared information = An information network
  8. 8. Twitter altogether has a role of administrator,information medium, information relay, and contact maker.
  9. 9. What’s happening(Twitter) vs What are you doing (FaceBook)?
  10. 10. Not being on Twitter?Is missing a significant amount of potential contacts: fans, partners, professional entourage, relays, prospects or clients
  11. 11. To put it simply, theres a lot to gain and notmuch to lose. You just have to take the step !
  12. 12. The Twitter Culture
  13. 13. "What if Martin Luther King Jr. had Twitter? » « Allo ui cer le chien » « Radio Londres » « Rep à sa boloulou »« Mer il é fou » « Avec toi?» « l’hallu »
  14. 14. Who is on Twitter?
  15. 15. •  16% of the 15-24 years-olds prefer Twitter instead of Facebook (Comscore)•  On Twitter « Its like on TV. People watch but you dont have to pretend you know one another.». «At least, you dont have to be friends with your parents on Twitter »•  People over 55 are now also massively joining Twitter
  16. 16. A new audience in France•  51% of users are women•  25% are young (13-24 year-olds) and 28% are 50 year-olds and more
  17. 17. The Twitter boom
  18. 18. On Sunday 6 May (election of the French President),the site beats its daily audience record in France,with 1.4 million unique visitors, 2.5 times more than onan average date in May.#RadioLondres 
  19. 19. The recent growth of the audience on Twitter in is notonly due to politics.Trending Topics: #onedirection
  20. 20. Word-of-mouth under steroids
  21. 21. Over 80% of the public indicate that they would ratherfollow recommendations of their “friends” to go andsee a movie or buy an album than trust ads ormagazine reviews.
  22. 22. Who uses Twitter (in our sector)•  Everybody•  Artists•  Fans•  Professionals of the sector (venues, labels, bookers, festivals…)•  Connected people : « they like to share and talk »
  23. 23. TWITTER =•  A hybrid between blog and chat•  News displayed in reverse chronological order•  You can post messages or subscribe to (« Follow ») someones messages•  Like on a chat, you can talk to one or several people in real time
  24. 24. A simplified version of the Facebook news feed
  25. 25. The construction
  26. 26. •  Go to http://twitter.com to create your account•  Follow the subscribing form, enter your user name, password and your email,•  Use your email address to look for people you know who are already on Twitter.
  27. 27. •  Choose an application for your mobile phone (careful here, API modification by Twitter)•  Choose an application for your computer
  28. 28. La recherche•  Search with key words : http://search.twitter.com•  Click on the profiles of people which came up thanks to your search criteria,•  Before following them, read at least 5 or 6 of their latest tweets to make sure that you share common interests.
  29. 29. Useful codes
  30. 30. RT, #hashtag, #NSFW, @, DM, #fail
  31. 31. RT = retweet = to forward a message. Not commenting is considered as an implicit approval.#Hashtag = a key word with the # symbol (ex #music), it allows aggregation of discussion around a topic or particular event (ex #MaMAevent for tweets about MaMA).@nameoftheuser : use the @ symbol to address a message to someone in particular
  32. 32. Twitter Tips
  33. 33. •  Photo and bio. Your bio should indicate who you are what you tweet about•  Also include in it the link to your site, blog…•  Logos are OK (group, organization.) but we like to connect with real people. Wallpaper, cover..•  Since SEO is important, title your picture with your name
  34. 34. Twitter = exchanging, chatting, meeting up, looking for people who share the same interests as you do.Do not hesitate to @ people
  35. 35. •  Retweet (RT) if you like a tweet.•  Share with your followers.•  Retweeting = showing your interest, your passions, your love…
  36. 36. Share about what you are doing : post links, take pictures, tell about whats happening to you
  37. 37. •  Connect with people who are not necessarily part of your first circle,•  Follow people who may be interested in what you do,•  Show interest for discussions. Keep going, even if you dont get followed much at the start,•  Do not only talk about music and concerts.
  38. 38. •  Dont worry about the number of your followers, if you tweet relevant content, they will show up.•  Keep in mind that the point here is to follow and getfollowed by people who share the same interests asyou do.
  39. 39. • Find your favorite band/brand/artists/company on Twitter and follow them,•  Tweet your feedbacks,•  Find people who talk about your band, your music and follow them.
  40. 40. Live tweet during events
  41. 41. Find the right balance between tweets, replies and RTs Dont over do it…
  42. 42. Promote for others. More.Ask questions, ask for opinions…
  43. 43. Tweet photos. A photo is worth much more than thousands of words.
  44. 44. At some point, find a way to meet with people face to face.
  45. 45. « Don’t Feed The Trolls »
  46. 46. Give to Develop
  47. 47. The best time slots to tweet
  48. 48. •  Most of the clicks are done between 13.00 and 15.00, from Monday to Thursday,•  Mot much happens after 20.00 during the week and after 15.00 on Friday,•  The life cycle of a tweet is 2.8 hours.•  The traffic peaks happen between 9.00 and 15.00 from Monday to Thursday.  This means the competition between contents will only be increasing...
  49. 49. La promo de votre compte Twitter
  50. 50. •  Give your followers a reason to buy instead of only visiting your Facebook page,•  Promote your Twitter account via your website, email signature, posters, Facebook…•  Launch contests via Twitter or by relaying them on Twitter.
  51. 51. Sell via Twitter•  Sell your music, concert tickets, merchandising via Twitter with Chirpify!•  Interested people reply to your tweet with the word "Buy", and the transaction is directly done via Chirpify  which itself relies on  Paypal. 
  52. 52. •  If you also use a private Twitter account, you may send your followers special offers.•  Update in case of any problems (site down, concerts cancellation, etc….)•  Launch contests 
  53. 53. DBTH is a digital entertainment consulting firm focused on leveraging our collective experience and expertise in:•  Building relationships,•  Identifying market opportunities,•  Growing brands,•  Defining best practices. for the Creative, Entertainment, Emerging Technology and Mobile Industries. 56
  54. 54. All the best for your digital journey! Questions & discussion welcome More information in my book “Music and digital strategies”(Amazon, iTunes…) •  Bloghttp://fr.linkedin.com/in/ www.virginieberger.comvirginieberger •  Website www.dbth.fr/enfacebook.com/virbergFacebook.com/dbthAgency twitter.com/virberg twitter.com/dbth_aa
  55. 55. Merci ! vberger@dbth.fr dbth.fr/en @virberg