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Mobile Cloning Technology

  2. ABSTRACT  Mobile communication has been readily available for several years, and is major business today. It provides a valuable service to its users who are willing to pay a considerable premium over a fixed line phone, to be able to walk and talk freely. Because of its usefulness and the money involved in the business, it is subject to fraud.  Some of the features of mobile communication make it an alluring target for criminals. It is a relatively new invention, so not all people are quite familiar with its possibilities, in good or in bad. Its newness also means intense competition among mobile phone service providers as they are attracting customers. The major threat to mobile phone is from cloning. 5/11/2014 2
  3. ABSTRACT …..  Mobile phone cloning is a technique wherein security data from one cell phone is transferred into another phone. The other cell phone becomes the exact replica of the original mobile phone like a clone. As a result, while calls can be made from both phones, only the original is billed. Though communication channels are equipped with security algorithms, yet cloners get away with the help of loop holes in systems. So when one gets huge bills, the chances are that the phone is being cloned.  This seminar describes about the cell phone cloning with implementation in GSM and CDMA technology phones. It gives an insight into the security mechanism in CDMA and GSM phones along with the loop holes in the systems and discusses on the different ways of preventing this cloning. Moreover, the future threat of this fraud is being elaborated.5/11/2014 3
  5. INTRODUCTION  Cell phone transmits the radio frequencies with the help of two separate channels one for voice and another for control signaling information.  When a call is done through cell phone along with other three important components are transmitted- a) Electronic Serial Number (ESN), b)Mobile Identification Number, c) Station Class mark.  These four parts are very important to service provider since they provide the billing information to the cellular service .  That how much a customer has to be charged. After receiving this ESN and MIN, cell service provider verifies them with their genuine subscriber list. If this pair is genuine then a control signal is generated and permits the customer to make the call. The successfully registering this way is known as Anonymous Registration [5]. 5/11/2014 5
  6. INTRODUCTION…. CLONING: Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. PHONE CLONING: Phone cloning is the process of taking the programmed information that is stored in a legitimate mobile phone and illegally programming the identical information into another mobile phone. 5/11/2014 6
  7. CDMA MOBILE SETS  CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access.  A method for transmitting simultaneous signals over a shared portion of the spectrum.  CDMA uses a Mobile Identification Number (MIN) card that contains user account information. 5/11/2014 7
  8. GSM MOBILE SETS  GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications.  GSM uses a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.  GSM is a standard set developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe technologies for second generation (2G) digital cellular networks. 5/11/2014 8
  9. IMPORTANT TERMS  IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier, this is a 15 or 17 digit universally unique number of the GSM handset. 5/11/2014 9
  10.  SIM, which stands for Subscriber Identification Module. Basically the SIM provides storage of subscriber related information of three types: 1. Fixed data stored before the subscription is sold. 2. Temporary network data 3. Service related data. 5/11/2014 10
  11.  ESN, stands for Electronic Serial Number. It is same as the IMEI but is used in CDMA handsets.  It is loaded when the phone is manufactured.  MIN ,stands for Mobile Identification Number, It’s a 10 digit number used to identify a mobile phone. 5/11/2014 11
  12. HOW IS A PHONE CLONED?  Capture the ESN/MIN pair or SIM/IMEI pair.  Clone the ESN/MIN pair using electronic scanning devices.  The cloner reprograms or alters the microchip of any wireless phone.  The ESN/MINs are transferred using a computer to a device.  These devices are connected to handsets.  New information is entered into the phone. Thus a clone of the legitimate phone is thus obtained. 5/11/2014 12
  13. HOW CLONING TAKES PLACE. http://homesecurityandpersonalprotection.blogspot.in5/11/2014 13
  15. CLONING GSM PHONES  The important information is the IMSI, which is stored on the removable SIM card.  SIM card inserted into a reader.  Connect to computer and card details transferred.  Use encrypted software to interpret details.  The result: A cloned cell phone is ready for misuse. 5/11/2014 15
  16.  Cloning a SIM using information captured over-the- air is therefore difficult, though not impossible.  As long as you don't lose your SIM card, you're safe with GSM.  GSM carriers use the COMP128 authentication algorithm for the SIM, authentication center and network which make GSM a far secure technology.  If your cellphone is late model Motorola, i.e., STARTAC, or Ericsson, NEC or other small phone with a serial port, you'll most likely require the use of a "Copycat" device to change the ESN 5/11/2014 16
  17. CLONING CDMA PHONES  Cellular telephone thieves monitor the radio frequency spectrum.  Steal the cell phone pair as it is being anonymously registered with a cell site.  Subscriber information is also encrypted and transmitted digitally.  A device called as DDI, Digital Data Interface can be used to get pairs.  Stolen ESN and MIN were then fed into a new CDMA handset. 5/11/2014 17
  18. DETECTION OF PHONE CLONING  Duplicate detection - The network sees the same phone in several places at the same time. 5/11/2014 18
  19. DETECTION (Continued..)  Velocity trap - The mobile phone seems to be moving at impossible, or most unlikely speeds..  RF (Radio Frequency) - Nominally identical radio equipment has a distinguishing ``fingerprint'', so the network software stores and compares fingerprints for all the phones that it sees.  Usage profiling. - Profiles of customers' phone usage are kept, and when discrepancies are noticed, the customer is contacted. 5/11/2014 19
  20. DETECTION (Continued..)  Call counting - Both the phone and the network keep track of calls made with the phone, and should they differ more than the usually allowed one call, service is denied.  PIN codes - Prior to placing a call, the caller unlocks the phone by entering a PIN code and then calls as usual. 5/11/2014 20
  21. DETECTION(Continued..)  The best detection method available in CDMA is the A KEY FEATURE. • Secret 20 digit number. • Number loaded in Authentication Centre. • Cannot be copied. 5/11/2014 21
  22. PHONE CLONING SYMPTOMS  Frequent wrong number phone calls to your phone, or hang-ups.  Difficulty in placing outgoing calls.  Difficulty in retrieving voice mail messages.  Incoming calls constantly receiving busy signals or wrong numbers.  Unusual calls appearing on your phone bills 5/11/2014 22
  23. CLONING STATISTICS Victims percentage Age 5/11/2014 23
  24.  According to a school of thought, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) should issue a directive, which holds the operators responsible for duplications of mobile phones.  Qualcomm, which develops CDMA technology globally, says each instance of mobile hacking is different and therefore there is very little an operator can do to prevent hacking. "It's like a virus hitting the computer. The software which is used to hack into the network is different, so operators can only keep upgrading their security firewall as and when the hackers strike," says a Qualcomm executive 5/11/2014 24
  25. MEASURES TO BE TAKEN  Service providers have adopted certain measures to prevent cellular fraud.  These include:  Blacklisting of stolen phones is another mechanism to prevent unauthorized use.  User verification using Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes is one method for customer protection against cellular phone fraud 5/11/2014 25
  26. Example:  The Central Forensic Laboratory at Hyderabad has reportedly developed software that would detect cloned mobile phones. Called the Speaker Identification Technique, the software enables one to recognize the voice of a person by acoustics analysis. These methods are only good at detecting cloning, not preventing damage. A better solution is to add authentication to the system. This initiative by the Forensic Laboratory had to be taken up in the wake of more and more reports of misuse of cloned mobiles 5/11/2014 26
  27.  Encryption: Encryption is regarded as the effective way to prevent cellular fraud  Traffic analysis detects cellular fraud by using artificial intelligence software to detect suspicious calling patterns, such as a sudden increase in the length of calls or a sudden increase in the number of international calls.  Blocking: Blocking is used by service providers to protect themselves from high risk callers. 5/11/2014 27
  28. ADVANTAGES 1. If your phone has been lost , you can use your cloned cell phone. 2. If your phone got damaged or if you forgot your phone at home or any other place . Cloned phone can be helpful. 5/11/2014 28
  29. DISADVANTAGES  It can be used by the terrorists for criminal activities.  It can be used by the cloner for fraud calls.  It can be used for illegal money transfer. 5/11/2014 29
  30. VICTIMS OF PHONE CLONING  Anita Davis, a mobile clone victim. One month, her cell phone bill showed $3,151 worth of calls in one month, to Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, Africa, and other countries.......zvideoplayback_33_xvid.avi  A Louisville woman was shocked when she got her February cell phone bill from T-Mobile. It was ten times higher than it's ever been before. Equally troubling, she didn't recognize most of the phone numbers on it. 5/11/2014 30
  31.  According to media reports, recently the Delhi (India) police arrested a person with 20 cell- phones, a laptop, a SIM scanner, and a writer. The accused was running an exchange illegally wherein he cloned CDMA based cell phones. He used software named Patagonia for the cloning and provided cheap international calls to Indian immigrants in West Asia. WHAT IS PATAGONIA?  Patagonia is software available in the market which is used to clone CDMA phone. Using this software a cloner can take over the control of a CDMA phone i.e. cloning of phone. A SIM can be cloned again and again and they can be used at different places. Messages and calls sent by cloned phones can be tracked. However, if the accused manages to also clone the IMEI number of the handset, for which software’s are available, there is no way he can be traced. 5/11/2014 31
  32. CONCLUSION  Phone Cloning is in initial stages in India. Preventive steps should be taken by the network provider and the Government. The enactment of legislation to prosecute crimes related to cellular phones is not viewed as a priority. The cloning of CDMA mobile phones was possible because there was no protection to the identification information. 5/11/2014 32
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