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Steve virgadamo

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Steve virgadamo

  1. 1. Steve Virgadamo
  2. 2. Steve Virgadamo is an expert in philanthropy for religious andeducational institutions and offers strategic fundraisingdirection, resource planning and fundraising operations forvarious congregations and religious organizations. His abilityto develop and implement regionalized fundraising processes isnationally acclaimed. He supervised a 40 person nationaldevelopment office and seven regional directors supportingNorth American Fundraising efforts while working as a ChiefDevelopment Officer for Legion of Christ, Inc., a religiouscongregation focusing on education, family ministry, youth,missions and social work.
  3. 3. Steve Virgadamo collaborated with the development staffworking in 22 countries to plan for the implementation oftransformational capital campaign. His efforts led to theincrease in philanthropic support from $18 million to $22million annually. He mentored and developed staff to providefor continued growth and strong succession plans.Being anexpert in philanthropy, Steve Virgadamo delivered variouslectures and was a part of many workshops. He is a powerfulspeaker who motivates others by his ideology. He lectured atBoston College, University of Dayton, and the University ofNotre Dame. He was a facilitator at Chief Administrators ofCatholic School Conference organized by the University ofNotre Dame.
  4. 4. He also delivered a lecture on School turnaround Strategies. Heattended various diocesan symposiums for Catholic educatorsfocusing on the role of the professional educator in marketing theCatholic School and various archdiocesan/diocesan conferencesfor clergy focusing on stewardship and a theology of fundraising.Steve Virgadamo has cultivated an extensive career and loggedmore than 10 million frequent flyer miles in his efforts to lead,mentor, and guide not-for-profit institutions across North America.He is a lifetime VIP flyer with Delta Airlines and is called acreator of the Sky Party. He usually celebrates his birthday withhis friends and family on Delta Flight at the height of 30,000 feet.
  5. 5. Steve Virgadamo has been named the USA Today RoadWarrior for 17 consecutive years. He is the most distinguishedalumnus of Christ the King High School and hosts a group calledLeading, Managing and Governing Catholic Schools on LinkedIn.He was appointed to the United States Military Academy at WestPoint, and to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, butchose to attend The United States Air Force Academy at ColoradoSprings where he was prepared to serve as a combat ready officer.Steven Virgadamo may have left a life at mach 2 and that of anAir Force officer behind, but certainly his life today exemplifiesthat of a gentleman.
  6. 6. ThanksSteve Virgadamo
  7. 7. ThanksSteve Virgadamo