Participatory budgeting

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Participatory budgeting/ Central Library -project/ Helsinki City Library

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Participatory budgeting

  1. 1. Helsinki Central Library 2018 is a new type of project where the contents and modes of activity are developed through collaboration between the library, city residents and partners.
  2. 2. “In Finland public spaces aren’t designed for people. Usually they are empty squares and monuments. Public space should be for us all: street kitchens, sofas, creative nudges, peer learning and so worth. We need space and tools, that could be used for people’s own events, action and ideas.” -Arto Sivonen, urban culture activist & marketing manager
  3. 3. An imaginary Monday event calendar of the library
  4. 4. library we an enricher is ideas of and thoughts, together create where by sharing knowledge, skills and stories a new civic society. The Vision of the Helsinki City Library
  5. 5. Case: Participatory Budgeting The city trying out participatory budgeting for the first time 25.09.14
  6. 6. Participatory budgeting (PB) is a process of democratic deliberation and decision-making. It gives citizens the power to make real decisions about how money is spent -Wikipedia
  7. 7. OLD CLASSIC Sherry R Arnstein: A Ladder of Citizen Participation Ladder (1969) “Citizen participation is a categorical term for citizen power. It is the redistribution of power that enables the citizens to be deliberately included in the future. It is the strategy by which the citizens join in determining how for example information is shared, goals and policies are set, tax resources are allocated, programs are operated”.
  8. 8. For the very first time, in 2012 the library offered Helsinki residents the opportunity to collectively decide how €100,000 of development money will be spent.
  9. 9. The PB process
  10. 10. 1st Round: Creating ideas/ The Unel-moi! -campaign 25.09.14
  11. 11. kuvateksti
  12. 12. Analyzing, categorising and describing the ideas • Catogies: o 1) Silence o 2) Action/ events/ doing o 3) Digital services & IT o 4) Working, learning & DoItYourself o 5) Children and other special target groups o 6) Collection/ contents o 7) ”All day long”-services o 8) Architecture, furnishing & interior decoration o 9) Other
  13. 13. 2nd Round Hands in Clay/ Methods, Workshops, Decisions 25.09.14
  14. 14. Partners: • We created together a simple method and frame – with the help of it citizens could easily take part in the process : o Method for decision making o Method for workshops o Pilotprojects o Visualization of the budgetary data
  15. 15. Visualization of The Budgetary Data
  16. 16. Pilotprojects 1. Asiakas lauluntekijänä: Lauluhuone Kirjasto 10:ssä 12 500 € 2. Digikulttuurin uudet ilmentymät: Kaupunkiverstas 25 000 € 3. Rentoutuminen, hiljaisuus, slow: Suvanto – rajaton tila mielen virkistäytymiseen 33 000 € 4. Lasten ja perheiden palvelut: Satusynttärit kirjastossa 15 000 € 5. Vertaisoppimisen uudet muodot: Toisilta oppimisen festivaali 20 000 € 6. Tapahtumat ja elämykset: Yökirjasto – sinkkuelämää hyllyjen välissä 15 000 € 7. Kirjallisuuden uudet konseptit: Lost and found – nykykirjailijat herättävät henkiin klassikot 35 000 € 8. Lukukokemusten näkyväksi tekeminen: Kuinka kirjat liikuttavat meitä 35 000 €
  17. 17. Workshops: 25.10. Kontula library 29.10. Kaupunkiverstas/ Urban Workshop 1.11. Töölö library
  18. 18. Results
  19. 19. PHOTO CREDITS Helsinki City Library City of Helsinki Media Bank CC licensed Flickr photos shared by adoephoto Ed Yourdon Hembo Pagi mbiebusch Judy ** piet_musterd psd Señor Hans Tim_Arai Thomas Hawk ZagatBuzz