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Time Management by Vision Raval

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Time management ppt
Time management ppt
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Time Management by Vision Raval

  1. 1. Time Management 1 By : Vision Raval www.visionraval.com • Head, International Business development NTPL. • Vice President at H K Commerce College Alumni • Director , Vhelp foundation Six Sigma Master Black Belt ER, USA certified SSPAuditor TQM& Kaizen Consultant MBA with International Marketing & BPO For, IIPM Ahmedabad. www.visionraval.com
  2. 2. Simple Story • Young fellow at Village reading news paper and resting whole day Once wise man ask them to do something in spite of wasting time. He Replied what should I do ? • Wise man said do some labor work to get some money What will I do with Some money? • Start Some Business while you get enough money What will I do after some business? • Get your own company while you have enough revenue from your business. What will I do after creating my own company? • Get good place to live, Get Mercedes car etc. What will I do after all luxurious Life Style. • Take rest and enjoy your life … What I was doing here….? That’s the difference between … who READ NEWS and who MAKE NEWS !! 2www.visionraval.com
  3. 3. What is similar between people who read NEWS and your People who make NEWS? 3 T I M E www.visionraval.com
  4. 4. Value of TIME • Value of Hour: Person who miss his last bus to home after work • Value of minutes: Student who get late for exam due to traffic • Value of Second: Person who is driving ambulance . • Value of Millisecond: Silver meddle winner who miss Gold by few milliseconds. • Value of time is depend upon which side of door you are.!! While Diarrhea patient knocks toilet door of constipation patient inside 4www.visionraval.com
  5. 5. At this lecture you will LEARN : o How to strategize and clarify your goals and TIME to achieve them o How to Handle people and projects that waste your time o Be involved in better delegation by mature time investment. o How to work more efficiently towards your career and job. o Check specific skills and tools to save you time o Overcome stress and procrastination 5www.visionraval.com
  6. 6. What Is Time Management ? T – Tools to shape your career and Life I – Investment for Future M – Milestone for success E – Enhance and educate yourself 6www.visionraval.com
  7. 7. Why are you studding Time Management ? Everyone have different objective to learn Time Management : • To get good marks • To earn money • Being Successful • Manage your friends and family • Fight with competition • To watch movie on Sunday with study. • To fulfill your dreams of xyz… things !! Finally get excellence in all domains… • Earn excellence to have the best TIME in Life..!! www.visionraval.com 7 Why U want to Learn Time Management ? www.visionraval.com
  8. 8. 8 Remember that time is money Ben Franklin, 1748 Advice to a young tradesman www.visionraval.com
  9. 9. • Invest Money wisely today and you get the best return tomorrow • Invest time wisely today and get the best return tomorrow 4 years = 40 years 4 years of time investment will define 40 years of your career !! 9 Time Bank Penny save is penny earned… Minute save is minute earned… Deposit savings of minutes to your time bank and get hours to do more creative things then others…!! www.visionraval.com
  10. 10. Keep in MIND …. • Time must be explicitly managed, just like money • Chose Best plan to time investment like you chose plan to invest your money • Think and evaluate RETURNS of your Time Investment 10www.visionraval.com
  11. 11. Think of these before you Invest your TIME Is this Time Investment Important to … • My Career [ Domain knowledge ] • My Goals [ What I want to achieve in Life ] • My Priorities [ On the bases of urgency ] • My Planning [ Fail to plan is Plan to fail ] • Have this in my TO DO Lists [ Like Gajnee ] • Help me to learn some thing new & IMP Option Analysis ] • Do at the cost of study [ Compression of Options ] • Manage my social Life [ Family, Girlfriend or Boy friend ] • Do for society [ Vote, Blood donation, social work ] • Come out from MASIHA Syndrome !! 11www.visionraval.com
  12. 12. What Time Management Brings to you.. • Good Time Management Brings : - Self confidence - Less things to remember - More time to think - Focus on sub factors of Life 12 • Bad time management - Stress - More things to remember so more chance to forget IMP task - No time to think … Just work - Only tension of work www.visionraval.com
  13. 13. The Problem is Severe As per research or an..estimates, people waste about 3 to 5 hours per day. Key Signs of time wasting: 13 • Messy desk and cluttered (or no) files • Can’t find things when you want it • Addiction of Orkut / Facebook / Twitter • Movie and Serials [ TV ] • Dressing Table  • Cricket Match • Phone Calls  • S M S • Window Shopping • Music etc. www.visionraval.com
  14. 14. Hear me Now, Believe me Later • Being successful doesn’t make you manage your time well. • Managing your time well makes you successful. 14www.visionraval.com
  15. 15. Goals, Priorities, and Planning • Why am I doing this Time Investment ? • What is your Goal behind your action ? • What happens if I chose not to do it? [ Back up Plan if Required ] 15 People think about things and ask themselves… Why ? I dream about things and ask myself … Why NOT…? www.visionraval.com
  16. 16. Do not afraid to take on Time Judgment • Good judgment comes from experience • Experiences comes from bad judgment • Bad judgment comes from efforts & TIME Investment 16 Neil Armstrong started 3.6 Lakh KM journey towards moon from single step from home !! www.visionraval.com
  17. 17. Inspiration “If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney • Disneyland was built in 366 days, from ground- breaking to first day open to the public. 17 Stop Day Dreaming and control Thoughts to went on wrong direction. It might result in to procrastination BUT…. KEEP IN MIND www.visionraval.com
  18. 18. Planning Failing to plan is planning to fail 18 Plan Each Hour, Plan Each Day, Each Week, Each Month, Each Semester You can always change your plan, but only once you have one! www.visionraval.com
  19. 19. TO Do Lists • Break things down into small steps • Like a child cleaning his/her room • Do the most challenging or ugliest thing first In Jungle king game, if u have frog in your plate start with it and if its 3 then eat the biggest one first. 19 It should be Maintained regularly It should be realistic for daily tasks www.visionraval.com
  20. 20. Go Green Use Digital To-do list in your Mobile or Computer. 20 Use Google Docs to Plan and save your tasks and Laptop Space.www.visionraval.com
  21. 21. 21 The four-quadrant TO DO List www.visionraval.com
  22. 22. The four-quadrant TO DO List 22 Important Not Important Due Soon Not Due Soon 1 2 3 4 www.visionraval.com
  23. 23. Professional and Personal • You can priories professional as well as personal tasks by this chart. • Create one chart with two segmentation in chart, one is for professional and one is personal as both are equally important. • Make sure you update both on regular bases on task list 23www.visionraval.com
  24. 24. 24 Have Realistic and well define TO DO list Reference: Randy Pausch www.visionraval.com
  25. 25. Paperwork • Clutter desk is the most time wasting factor effect to office or study ; it leads to thrashing. Keep your desk clear: • A good file system is essential to save Time • focus on one thing at a time to do it effectively • Verify To-Do task before you go to sleep • Touch each piece of email once; your inbox is not your TODO list 25www.visionraval.com
  26. 26. 26www.visionraval.com
  27. 27. Key Tool to Save Time 27 Internet  Book your Train / Flight or Movie Tickets  Say Happy B day to your Friend on Social sites  Use it for shopping  Use it to learn new things  Read blogs / Newspaper  Save your time by getting what you want from Internet www.linkedin.com www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.youtube.com Google map Google books Google Latitude Google Documents Google Calendar Wordpress Blogger Google Trend Google NEWS iGoogle | RSS | Bookmark Forum etc. www.visionraval.com
  28. 28. 28 Speaker phone/ Hands free will keep your hands free to do something else; stress reduction when I’m on hold. Use Speaker phone or Hands free www.visionraval.com
  29. 29. Telephone etiquette • Keep calls short; stand during call / Walk while u Talk • Start by announcing goals for the call right after greetings. • Talk in points and Talk on points • Have something in view that you’re waiting to get to next • Be a good listener , Only ..whenever you have time !! 29www.visionraval.com
  30. 30. How to save time on Telecommunication ? • When done, get off: “I have students waiting” • If necessary, hang up while you’re talking. Switch off or Remove Battery if you are in important task. • Avoid Telemarketing calls n ask them to send email !! • Group outgoing calls: just before lunch and 5pm 30www.visionraval.com
  31. 31. 31 Have a habit of sending Thank you note or mail www.visionraval.com
  32. 32. Scheduling Yourself • You don’t find time for important things, you make it Excuse or Execution • Everything you do is an opportunity cost . You might invested your time in something which gives you better opportunity !! • Learn to say “No” Say clear no while you are sure that YES is not possible. Do not say May be or.. Will think..!! 32www.visionraval.com
  33. 33. Learn to say Gentle No’s and Strong YES • Friend call form Movie.. Or Charity “I’ll do it if nobody else steps forward” or “I’ll be your deep fall back,” but you have to keep searching. • Keep in mind relation is Important then time !! • Say yes with confidence and follow your commitment, that will help you to get your positive impression of ON TIME BUDDY !! [ REF : Wanted  ] 33www.visionraval.com
  34. 34. Everyone has Good and Bad Times • Find your creative/thinking time. Defend it ruthlessly, spend it alone, maybe at home. To avoid depression. Never lose your heart. • Think and analyze your own time investment to Find your dead time. Schedule meetings, phone calls, and plan again to overcome. • Success is never ending and failure is never final…. Anytime !! 34www.visionraval.com
  35. 35. Interruptions • E-mail noise on new mail is an interruption -> TURN IT OFF!! • 6-9 minutes, 4-5 minute recovery – five interruptions shoots an hour • You must reduce frequency and length of interruptions (turn phone calls mute or have voicemail or ask all to message you on email) • Fix up time to talk to your friends, chose time around dinner or lunch to make it shorten. • Lock your study room and put do not disturb sign at your door. 35www.visionraval.com
  36. 36. Cutting Things Short to Save Time • “I’m in the middle of something now…” • Start with “I only have 5 minutes” – you can always extend this • Ordinary people use to spend time…. Extra ordinary people USE time !! • One thing you can’t recycle or rewind is wasted time. 36www.visionraval.com
  37. 37. 37www.visionraval.com
  38. 38. 38www.visionraval.com Ref - Randy Pausch
  39. 39. 39 Check Space and Use FIFO www.visionraval.com
  40. 40. 40www.visionraval.com
  41. 41. Result of Using Time Journal Data • What am I doing that doesn’t really need to be done? [check 4 squared Todo List ] • What am I doing that could be done by someone else? [ Check nearby and capable resources ] • What am I doing that could be done more efficiently? [ Focus on end result and way it has been done ] • What do I do that wastes others’ time? [Also value others time to create win win situation.] 41www.visionraval.com
  42. 42. Procrastination “Procrastination is the thief of time” Edward Young Night Thoughts, 1742 42www.visionraval.com
  43. 43. Avoiding Procrastination • Doing things at the last minute is much more expensive than just before the last minute • Deadlines are really important: establish them yourself! 43www.visionraval.com
  44. 44. Comfort Zones Identify why you aren’t enthusiastic towards your goal and dream ? • Fear of embarrassment • Fear of failure • Phobia of other competition • Lack of Passion towards your dream • Fear of changing 44www.visionraval.com
  45. 45. Quit Making Excuses… 45 Whenever I find the key of success…. Someone changes the Lock !! Chose one : Excuses or Execution of success !! www.visionraval.com
  46. 46. Delegation • Grant authority with responsibility to others. • Believe in Team work to save time • Concrete goal, deadline, and consequences. • Monitor every phase of your project • Have instant failure analysis to improve • Use TIME & Motion studies to enhance your time management skills. 46 Design strategic study plan and invest your time with planning per subject , Per topic, IMP segregation etc. www.visionraval.com
  47. 47. Challenge yourself • Give objectives, not procedures, lets work and derive best process to do it. • Tell the importance of the task given to motivate the team. • Use kaizen for constant improvement in time. • Think out of the box [ Skype story ] 47www.visionraval.com
  48. 48. Meetings • Have agenda ready before any meeting • Note down key points to be discussed • Note down future plan, current status and past statistics before you start on your desk top. It saves time to find it while require. • Say your point in minimum words , that will save many man minutes at meeting and group discussion. 48www.visionraval.com
  49. 49. Trendy Advice Spend quality time with Computers instead of Television Bcoz You will see what T V shows you.. While on computer you will see what you want to see !! 49www.visionraval.com
  50. 50. General Advice • Never break a promise, but re-negotiate them if need be. • If you haven’t got time to do it right, you don’t west time to do it wrong. • Feedback loops: ask your faults to others to improve. 50www.visionraval.com
  51. 51. Confusion about going for time or money Equilibrium between time and money !! • Save time while you have money.. • Save Money while you have time.. 51www.visionraval.com
  52. 52. • This time is like all times, is a very good one, if we know what to do with it. - Ralph Waldo Emerson • The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery • Time will take your money, but money won't buy time. - James Taylor 52www.visionraval.com
  53. 53. Question & Answer 53www.visionraval.com
  54. 54. www.visionraval.com | hello@visionraval.com India: 9898330717 | USA: 909 440 6909 54 THANK YOU www.visionraval.com