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Visual Design Thinking - Prague 2013 - WebExpo

  1. Carlo Frinolli @carl0s_ CEO & UX Designer - Chiara Albanesi @lucciole Illustrator, ethnographer, storyteller
  2. Getting to know the client is no loss of time. Guide him literally into telling about his company, core business and activity.
  3. Storytelling is the key. Those who tell the stories rule society. Plato 
  4. It’s maieutic, baby.
  5. If storytelling is the oldest and simplest way to share information, sketching is definitely the most immediate.
  6. Time to start visualising!.
  7. Sharing doesn’t need to be synchronous. And you’re not alone in doing so. :)
  8. Each project is a threesome... Guess who’s the third player?
  9. Users? WHAAAAAAAAAT!?
  10. Think of two customers. Both were born in 1948, male, raised in Great Britain, married, successful and wealthy. Furthermore, both of them have at least two children, like dogs and love the Alps. One of them could be Princes Charles and the other one Ozzy Osbourne. This is service design thinking. “
  11. Time for inventory! Getting to know the client means getting to know their previous appearances and products. 
  12. are ingredients of a good UX recipe. They are perfect for visual design too.  Stakeholder map » Personas » User Journey » Touchpoints
  13. Ethnography, User Research and User Experience techniques in general are the key point to getting to know who will actually use the product, touch the visual design we are doing. So we need to get confident with them.
  14. Stop designing for users. Design for their stories.
  15. One more thing... :P
  16. Let’s play cards!.
  17. Why spending time and energies in these activities?
  18. To create a stronger and more effective (on line) identity. Stronger because it was co-designed with the client him/herself, and tailored to his/her customers. 
  19. Now you will be able to design the UX and UI, starting from a shared (and co-created) visual style guide. But hey it’s 2013: let’s go responsive!
  20. What does responsive mean here?
  21. it’s for » hired consultant » paid staff who’s working on different areas » people in general who need empathy on a project to be successful.
  22. it’s NOT for » uneducated clients or not comfortable ones » waterfall fans » CTOs :P » People from the 90s (how-much-a-website-would-cost-per-page people) » of course me :D
  23. That was a joke.
  24. Huge thanks to.... Matt Morasky, Roma UX Book Club, Raffaele Boiano, Claudia Vago @tigella, Imke Bähr, Emanuele Macri, Andrea “baku” Marchesini, Matteo Flora, mozilla and...
  25. CoDesign Jam Rome Cristiano Siri (our codesign mentor) + Hoang C. Huynh, Chiara Muccitelli, Alessio Ricco, Malica Worms, Federica Pesce, Chiara Tortolini, Imke Bähr, Alessandra Talamo, Pietro Paolo Anella ... where the fun started.
  26. Thank you. any questions? Carlo Frinolli @carl0s_