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How to optimize the last mile of conversion with form analysis

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With this webinar, you can discover ways in which you can use VWO’s form analysis to get actionable insights about improving web forms and your overall conversion rate.

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How to optimize the last mile of conversion with form analysis

  1. 1. How To Optimize The Last Mile of Conversion With Form Analysis Utkarsh Rai Product Marketer, VWO Ashwin Gupta Growth, VWO
  2. 2. Ask Questions on Twitter #AskVWO Ashwin @ashwin_gupta Utkarsh @rutkarsh
  3. 3. What are we covering today? 01 Understand the motivation behind filling out a form 02 Industry-specific examples on how to optimize forms 03 Build testing ideas for form optimization
  4. 4. Why forms are important? 50% marketers still find web forms as the highest lead generation tool Survey Reported By HubSpot
  5. 5. Conversion Potential of Form Analysis Marketers who run A/B tests on their forms tend to be more satisfied than those who don’t, and they also report roughly 10% higher conversion rates than those who don’t run A/B tests. *Survey Reported By HubSpot
  6. 6. However, there is a better way to do form research... Things to ask yourself before getting started: ● Have you motivated them enough to do get excited about the value? ● Do you know what motivates them to go for the value you’re looking to offer? ● Are you presenting them with the right information that they need to go ahead and start interacting with your form?
  7. 7. First step is to actually understand how your user interacts with your form page Do they find the information that is important to them easily? Are you addressing their doubts or concerns? To do this..it’s great to actually start creating some views that would help you understand what’s going on your page - Heatmaps of the page where your form is - Visitor recordings of people who’re not interacting with your form
  8. 8. Iguama: The Case Study we found in the videos that our register page (after cart page to go to the checkout page) was confusing for our users to fill out the form.
  9. 9. Form analysis
  10. 10. Creating strong form-related hypotheses Understand what information your user is looking at before filling out the form What parts of the form are they getting stuck on? What’s the reason? - Look at visitor recordings of where your users who started filling out a form but didn’t actually convert - Run a survey on exit intent of the form page - Use Plan Layer to log your evidence-based hypotheses
  11. 11. When to A/B Test Form or go for quick wins? When to go ahead with the changes? When should you AB test? Before you AB test, it’s important to have strong hypotheses. If the change is too obvious, there’s no point waiting to justify it through an AB test, as there’s a cost involved in potential lost conversions.
  12. 12. Titleofyourpresentation-Appcues.com Key takeaways: ● Align your visitor research with form analytics ● Build trust by demonstrating value ● Optimize the entire customer journey not just forms
  13. 13. Titleofyourpresentation-Appcues.com Thank You! Q&A Use #AskVWO To Ask Questions on Twitter