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Mobile Media Consumption: A New Wave Takes Shape

  1. Crid Yu VP & Managing Director, North America InMobi Mobile Marketing Association
  2. Mobile Media Consumption: A New Wave Takes Shape MMA Forum | January 29th, 2013 Mobile Marketing Association
  3. From the moment we wake up… …We are always on US mobile users spend 2.7 hours per day 82% of mobile web users access their socializing on their device — over 1/3 of the devices in bed time they spend sleeping Source: InMobi! Source: ComScore! Mobile Marketing Association
  4. Reading Magazines / Newspapers Using Mobile Media 35 (excluding calls and Tablet Devices SMS) 37 minutes minutes 108 minutes GLOBALLY, MOBILE DATA USERS Listening 52 CONSUME to Radio 7 HOURS minutes OF MEDIA PER DAY 92 93 minutes minutes Online via Desktop/ Laptop Watching TV Sample size: n=12,723 Mobile Marketing Association
  5. Mobile  Ad  Spend  (in  billions)   $40 $35 $30 $25 $20 Global US $15 $10 $5 $- 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Source: eMarketer Mobile Marketing Association
  6. Understand  consumer  media  consump7on   behavior  around  the  world   Keep  up  to  date  with  new   Find  what’s  working  and  what   trends  and  track  changes   resonates  well  with   over  7me   consumers   Research Objectives Mobile Marketing Association
  7. Has  mobile  adver7sing  ever:   Introduced  you  to   something  new  (75%)   Caused  you  to   reconsider  a   Awareness product  (55%)   Influenced  your  in-­‐ Favorability store  purchase   (45%)     Consideration Provided  you   Shopping with  beEer   Research op7ons  (67%)   Sale Helped  you  find   something   nearby  (69%)     Base: Global Average n=12,723 Mobile Marketing Association
  8. Which  two  forms  of  media  most  impact  your  purchasing  decisions?   0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   10% 50% 20% 40% 47% 10% 30% Mobile is already on par with traditional media in impacting purchase behavior Base: Global Mobile Average n=9,880 Mobile Marketing Association
  9. Mobile data users claimed they have noticed advertising on the following mobile channels: 54% 40% 27% 23% 17% In an app On a search engine On a retailer website On a video website Others   Sample  size:  n=9,441   Mobile Marketing Association
  10. Compared to other forms of advertising like TV or online, how comfortable are you with mobile web and mobile app advertisements (not SMS)? More comfortable, I find them to be very 29% useful Equally comfortable, I'm getting used to 30% seeing them Less comfortable, I find them intrusive 20% No opinion, I don't think much about ads 21% on my phone of mobile data users are as comfortable with mobile 59% advertising as they are with TV or online advertising   Sample  size:  n=14,439   Mobile Marketing Association
  11. How often do you unintentionally click on mobile ads (such as banners or rich media ads)? 5% Never 10% 18% Rarely ONLY 15% OF MOBILE DATA USERS (less than 5% of the time) Occasionally FREQUENTLY (5-10% of the time) CLICK ON MOBILE ADS 28% UNINTENTIONALLY Frequently (10-25% of the time) 39% Very frequently (over 25% of the time) Sample  size:  n=9,127   Mobile Marketing Association
  12. Device  use  pa1erns  reflect  their  inherent  compe99ve   advantages   During  a  typical  day,  at  what  ?mes  do  you  usually  use  your  device?     Smartphone   Tablet   PC   60%   50%   40%   30%   20%   10%   0%   6am  -­‐  8:59am   9am  -­‐   Noon  -­‐   3pm  -­‐  5:59   6pm  -­‐   9pm  -­‐   Midnight  -­‐   3am  -­‐  5:59am   11:59am   2:59pm   pm   8:59pm   11:59pm   2:59am   Source: Mobext & InMobi Connected Device Research Mobile Marketing Association
  13. 70% data users of mobile in the US engage in mobile media activities while watching TV Base: US n=1,055 Mobile Marketing Association
  14. –  We  can  tackle  both  upper  and  lower   funnel   Mobile –  We  can  to  engage  customers  across   plaXorms   Marketing Call to –  We  have  to  deliver  on  measurement   Action and  results   –  We  have  to  deliver  the  promise  of   targe7ng   –  We  have  to  deliver  on  the  ad   experience   Mobile Marketing Association
  15. Tums         Mobile Marketing Association
  16. TUMS REFRESHERS The objective of the Tums campaign was to increase brand awareness of the Freshers product via a rich media campaign. 7,091,798 Impressions .92% CTR 3,460 of mobile users took action by linking out to Facebook, Twitter & Tum’s mobile site Mobile Marketing Association
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