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Daily Newsletter - 17 12-2012

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Daily Newsletter - 17 12-2012

  1. 1. SHAH ADVISORY Daily Morning Newsletter 17-12-2012 Vivek A. Shah 2012 WWW.SHAHADVISORY.COM
  2. 2. Monday, 17 December 2012  - www.shahadvisory.com Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterBSE Sensex – 19317.25 TREND / PERIOD DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY DIRECTION DOWN UP UP Trend Change Level 19400 18900 18120 (Closing Basis)It looks like we are getting some profit booking in the market. Till the level of 18900 is not broken,positional players should hold their long positions in the market. Intraday buying is advisable on thecross of 19370 levels. Alternatively any fall to the level of 19100-19050 to be used to enter longposition in the market keeping stop loss of 18900.S&P 500(USA) – 1419.40We mentioned to look for shorting around 1426-1430 zone. It made a high of 1438.60 & turneddown from there. Now any close below 1418 will take it further down to 1391 levels.AXIS BANK – 1352.70Trend is slightly positive. Buying is not recommended around this level; rather it is advisable to findshorting opportunity below 1336. We may see the levels of 1370-1375 on higher side. If it sustainsabove it, we may see rally in to the stock.ICICI BANK – 1136.05As mentioned, 1150 looks to be short tern top for the stock. Till the level of 1150 is not crossed,buying should be avoided for positional traders. Intraday traders can buy around this level for theexpected higher levels of 1150 & above.RELIANCE INDUSTRIES – 839.25Overall trend is positive. Intraday buy above 842 for the expected higher levels of 858 & keep stoploss of 831.TATA MOTORS – 292.10Overall trend is positive. Intraday to short term traders holding long positions can keep stop loss of287.50 & look for the upper levels of 298 to book profit. Now positional traders can also look forentry in to the stock above 295.50 for the expected levels of 334.TATA STEEL – 400.05Overall trend has turned bullish but long positions need not be initiated at this level. Close above402 will be the level to look for positional entry in to the stock. +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com Save Trees. Do not Print. 2 Read Disclaimer on our website
  3. 3. Monday, 17 December 2012  - www.shahadvisory.com Shah Advisory – Daily Morning Newsletter Stocks with Positive Breakout Stock Name Buying Range Axis Bank 1358-1359 ICICI Bank 1140-1141 NCC 52 Oriental Bank 355-355.50 SESA Goa 190 Stocks with Negative Breakout Stock Name Selling Range JP Associate 100.60-101 Aurbindo Pharma 181.50-182 +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com Save Trees. Do not Print. 3 Read Disclaimer on our website