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quiz about slovenia for viribus unitis international meeting

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  1. 1. a) Republika Slovenijab) Republika Crna Gorac) Slovenská Republikad) The FormerYugoslav Republic of SloveniaRepublika Slovenija was declared independent on 25. June 1991 and was recognized in 1992.
  2. 2. a) Ljubljanab) Zagrebc) Sofiad) BratislavaLjubljana is the captal and the largest city of our country. Ljubljana has 280, 670 citizens (2012).Germans call the city Laibach and the Italians call it Lubiana. Its geographical, cultural, scientific,economic, political and administrative center of Slovenia.
  3. 3. a) 2 daysb) 10 yearsc) 10 daysd) 5 years88 % of the Slovenian people voted for independence. A ten day war with Yugoslavia followed.Sixty-seven people were killed, thirty nine of them were from the Yugoslavian army. After onlyten days they withdrew their troops back to Belgrade.
  4. 4. a) A Slovenian beerb) The Parliament of Sloveniac) A Slovenian regiond) A valley in the AlpsDolenjska (eng. Lower Carniola) is a Slovenian region. The capital of the region is Novo Mesto.Dolenjska is famous for its wine, and its beautiful scenery, dominated by the Alps, and the Krkariver.
  5. 5. a) Nove Zamkyb) Velenjec) Kranjd) Novo MestoNove Zamky is a Slovak city. Kranj is the capital of the region Gorenjska, and, with a populationof 54.225 the fourth largest city in Slovenia. Velenje was called Titovo Velenje from 1981 to 1991after the former president Tito of Yugoslavia. Novo Mesto means ‘New Town’. It was foundedin 1365 and was then called Rudolfswert (or in Slovene Rudolfovo) after the Habsburg ArchdukeRudolf IV of Austria.
  6. 6. a) Trueb) FalseSlovenia does have a short length of coastline It is 43 km long and it is one of the shortestcoastlines in Europe. That means that each citizen of Slovenia is the ‘owner’ of only 2centimeters of the coastline.
  7. 7. a) 2b) 4c) 5d) 3Slovenia borders to 4 countries. Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.
  8. 8. a) white, blue, redb) red, green and bluec) black, red and yellowd) green and red and blueIt has three horizontal lines of white, blue and red. Near the top left corner is the coat of armswhich consists of the highest peak, Triglav, in white with 3 yellow stars, and beneath there aretwo wavy lines representing the rivers and sea.
  9. 9. a) Hej Slowianieb) Hej Slovanic) Zdravljicad) Hej SloveniZdravljica was adopted as the Slovenian anthem in 1989. It’s been written by France Prešerenand the melody by Stanko Premrl.
  10. 10. a) Slovenian Kunab) Slovenian Koronac) Eurod) Slovenian DinarSlovenia became a member of the EU in 2004, and adopted their new currency in 2007. Prior tothat the currency was the Tolar.
  11. 11. a) 250-600b) 600-850c) 850-1000d) More than 1000There are exactly 606 students who study in the programs for MultimediaTechnician, GraphicTechnicianand Graphic Operator.
  12. 12. a) 2nd Gymnazium of Ljubljanab) Institute and Academy for Multimediac) Multimedia and GraphicTechnology SecondarySchool Ljubljanad) Secondary School for Photography and DesignMultimedia and GraphicTechnology Secondary School Ljubljana. Its original name is: Srednjamedijska in grafična šola Ljubljana and it has had its name for the last 7 years. Before that it wasknown asThe Secondary School for Printing and PapermakingTechnology.
  13. 13. a) Trueb) FalseTrue - TheTV and FILM studio with the state-of-the-art recording video and sound equipement wasopened four years ago and since then our students have produced numerous videos, animationsand a full length feature film »Simpatija« with our students and teachers as actors.The film»Simpatija« was ranked 3rd by the audience at Slovenian Film Festival 2012.
  14. 14. a) ... our Headmaster?b) ... our fastest teacher?c) ... the model of our schools printing machine?d) ... ourViribus Unitis project coordinator?HEIDELBERG Speedmaster is 4 colour printing machine that is used to train the students to work inprinting workshops. It uses 4 colours or inks: CYAN, MAGENTA,YELLOW and BLACK to createmulticolor copies of printed sheets which are printed at the speed of 15,000 copies per hour.
  15. 15. a) Twob) Threec) Fourd) Only black and whiteFour. There are three colors MAGENTA, GREEN and CYAN which represent the colours that arecombined to reproduce the picture on computer and video screens. The tip of the pencil is BLACK.