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UNIV 101 Presentation: Greektown

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  1. 1. Greektown By: Nick Popernik, Cynthia Gonzalez, Dena Kogionis, Sam Sheynberg, Vaishal Kaila, Basia Folga
  2. 2. Location of Neighborhood and How to Get There • Location: South of the Loop, main street is Halsted. • How to Get There using Public Transportation: Take the Red Line to Lake, where you transfer over to the Blue Line, taking the line to Forest Park. Get off at UIC/Halsted and go Northwest.
  3. 3. History • Greeks first arrived in Chicago in the 1840s. Around the turn of the century, the Greeks concentrated around the Harrison, Blue Island, and Halsted area, but the Eisenhower Expressway and UIC caused the Greek population to move north a few blocks. Most of the restaurants and businesses that originated there in the 1970s to 1990s still exist today. You can see old Greek traditions being passed down and the language being spoken in this part of the city. In addition to all the customs observed, the Greeks express their pride through the annual Greek independence day parade, the Taste of Greece, and Greek Easter.
  4. 4. Current Demographics • Total Population - 33,172 • Male Population - 16,797 (50.6%) • Female Population - 16,376 (49.4%) • Percent Change Since 2000 - 72.2 % • Percent Change Since 2010 - 0.2 % • Median Age - 30.19
  5. 5. Activities/Landmarks we Experienced during our Exploration • We walked around the neighborhood, and visited what it had to offer. • We had lunch at Athena Authentic Greek Restaurant, where we ordered saganaki (flaming cheese), and a variety of traditional Greek dishes. • We passed the National Hellenic Museum. They presently have a exhibition on “Greek Monsters.”
  6. 6. Group Reflection • After this experience we obtained more knowledge about Greektown itself and the people within it. • We tasted some traditional Greek cuisine, making it an authentic Chicago experience. • We learned about the local businesses, restaurants, and traditions that reside here, as well as the area that encompasses Greektown. • We were surprised by the amount of time it took us to get there- the route we listed took about an hour one way. • Chicago is full of diversity, and we were lucky to be able to experience a part of that diversity in Greektown.
  7. 7. Pictures!
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