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Brain TV 2017

BrainTV is an Internet TV project of BrainBasket Foundation that has been launched in April 2016 to raise the awareness of the broad majority of Ukrainians about the modern technologies, tech education, intellectual property, software development, e-commerce, e-entrepreneurship, raising investments, etc. It as a unique project for Ukraine as it is 95% Ukrainian-language video source about tech in Ukraine. Its broadcasting includes tech courses and original channel's programs that aim to put a spotlight on the Ukrainian tech market and promote its potential within the country and abroad.

BrainTV’s small team of 7 people has already produced 7 high-quality original programs according to the TV standards. The most popular ones are: “IT Person” – 20 issues, 7,853 gross views, “A Visit To …”- 4 issues, 4,886 gross views, “Analytical reports” – 2 issues, 3,803 gross views, “Celebrities and IT” — 5 issues, 3,767 gross views.

Since the launch, the channel is available for viewing on 6 Ukrainian SmartTV operators. It scores up to 29K SmartTV viewers monthly, 57K YouTube views since launch, and Facebook page monthly video views go up to 19K. Over 90% of the viewers are male Ukrainian technophiles in the age of 25-34 years old.

In order to bring more Ukrainians watching BrainTV programs in front of their computers or TV screens, who are engaged in other economical markets, however, are interested in tech and are thinking about joining this highly prospective industry, we need the support of the current tech industry companies, opinion leaders and tech specialists to spread the word about BrainTV, its aims and its content, so that the majority of Ukrainians can get interested in tech, upgrade their skills, join the industry and get modern, well-paid, prospective professions.

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Brain TV 2017

  1. 1. What is Brain TV?  Technical courses  Analytical report  Informative and entertaining stories  Live talk shows 100K+ views monthly 7К+ subscribers on Facebook and Youtube 350 video reports (stories) 71 ІТ heroes 70 live shows
  2. 2.  Find out the differencies in various sectors of the ІТ business within the Ukrainian ІТ industry through the project “Discover Ukraine’s Innovation&Tech Industry: Elements of Tech Ecosystem”  Create positive image of the Ukraine’s IT industry by through a weekly talk show “Live Tech Night Show” and by coverage of the most important IT events in Ukraine  Improve the availability and quality of IT education through educational reports about the IT professions (7 videos) and primary courses: Tech English, Data Science, Frontend, Internet of Things, QA, Law for IT- specialists and startups (6 courses with 5 lessons) 09 Content strategy 2017
  3. 3. 09 Special project 2017. Monthly thematic week. “Discover Ukraine’s Innovation&Tech Industry: Elements of Tech Ecosystem” lICT companies lAgrotech lE-government lSkills of the future for knowledge economy lIT Education lExport oriented companies lProduct companies lStartups lIT clusters lVenture funds, accelerators&incubators
  4. 4. 04 Target audience Programmers Students of the technical specialities Top-managers and Administration of the IT companies Switchers  82% Male, 25-34 years old, technophiles
  5. 5. YouTube Brain TV 2,023 subscribers 111,197 views starting from launch 13,265 views for the last month 52,671 minutes of views for the last month 93% viewers from Ukraine, 2.6% - USA , 1.0% - Russia 05 Also, channel is available on Megogo, FainoTV, Divan TV, OpenSvit, that gave more than 160 thousand views for the 4th quarter 2016
  6. 6. Commercial plans and needs for 2017 05 In order to ensure effective and sustainable activity and cover all operational costs of BrainTV we need monthly roughly 4 thousand dollars. Thereby we seek donor's support and we also plan to:  Advertising on the air and in the Social Media pages  Advertising video production (previous projects: UVCA, TCDC)  Selling of branded products  Creating customized reports and programs “ІТ Person”, “Visit to”.  Digital advertising (various options) on the new webpage
  7. 7. braintv.net facebook.com/braintvua youtube.com/braintvua instagram.com/braintvua twitter.com/BrainTV_ Write to contact@braintv.net, in order to place your advertising on BrainTV.