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The Benefits of Personalized and Promotional Laptop Bags

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The Benefits of Personalized and Promotional Laptop Bags

  1. 1. The Benefits of Personalized and Promotional Laptop BagsWhile this is one way to personalize a laptop bag, its certainly not the only way. You canactually use personalized bags for laptops as a promotional item as well.One of the first things that youll want to look for from a personalized laptop bag is the abilityto choose from a wide variety of colors. When creating promotional items, you will usuallyfind its more affordable to choose one color for your entire shipment. This is because largerorders qualify for discount prices, but its unusual for a vendor to include multiple colors in alarger order.If you want to make a good impression on your clients, and youre on a budget, you maywant to consider the Stockholm Messenger bag. This sleek bag fits a laptop up to 17" inlength. Whats more, its available in gray, red or blue. You can choose from many optionswhen it comes to your imprint color. If you purchase 150 or more of these bags then the costper bag will be $7.49 including the imprint.If budget isnt a consideration, you can choose the Sol Transit Messenger bag. Not only willthis bag manage a laptop up to 17" in length, it will also hold books, mobile phones, your iPad, files and more. There is even an internal key clip so you can carry your keys in the bagand a holder for a cup on the outside. You can choose to have your own artwork placed onthe bag or you can choose from the standard options available. The cost of this bag is $26.99if you purchase 150 or more, but it will leave a very positive impression on your clients orpotential clients.Another alternative for you to consider is a personalized laptop bag for each of youremployees. This is a great marketing tool, especially for companies that have employees thattravel a lot. Not only do bags with your logo on them look professional, but it can also createa situation where someone asks about your business based on what they see on the laptopbag.There are a number of choices when it comes to personalized bags. You can spend a littlemoney or a lot, but either way its well worth the cost of getting your company image out tothe public or for wooing clients.While its true that many people will be content to just have laptop bags that merely servetheir primary purpose of giving protection to portable computers and their laptop components,there is still a market for consumers who wish to have a little something more.Below are eight of these laptops with features beyond just having separate compartments forlaptops and peripheral laptop parts.1. Voltaic Solar Charger Converter Backpack
  2. 2. The Voltaic Charger Converter Backpack has a solar panel that, along with ten built-instandard adapters, allows your other portable gadgets like gaming devices, smartphones,and digital cameras to be recharged on the go. Its material is also partly made from recycledsoda bottles. Not bad for something worth a cool $200.This green-centric laptop bag can also be worn like a sling bag, and its compartment canhouse a laptop as big as 17 inches.Laptop Bags With Unique Features, Laptop Backpacks For Women - Finally Stylish AndLightweight