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Looking for a gender perspective in ICT4D: Viviana Brun presentation


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Looking for a gender perspective in ICT4D: Viviana Brun presentation

  1. 1. Tackling Gender-Based Violence with the support of ICTs Centre Seruka case study in Burundi
  2. 2. Centre Serukawww.centreseruka.org
  3. 3. Medical, psychosocial and legal support to survivors of GBV
  4. 4. Community outreach activities held on raising awareness on GBV
  5. 5. Why ICTs?
  6. 6. Which are the objectives?
  7. 7. Centre Seruka needs and demands • Improve the relationship and the communication between the Center and the community • Make advocacy and allow media to access and disseminate controlled information • Reach a greater number of people
  8. 8. Centre Seruka needs and demands • Allow victims to break the silence, anonymously sharing and reporting their experiences • Assess community needs to define strategies for future action • Open high level data and information to media and stakeholders, respecting the privacy of the survivors
  9. 9. Carried out activities
  10. 10. Harassmap http://harassmap.org/en/
  11. 11. Why to use mobile technology?
  12. 12. Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people) – The World Bank The number of mobile phone users in Burundi is still raising, expecially in Bujumbura area
  13. 13. Mobile subscribers and penetration rate - ARTC
  14. 14. 270.000 in 2007 2,24 millions in 2012 2,53 millions in 2013 “Some companies which were just covering the capital Bujumbura are now present in a large part of the country” (« Number of mobile phone users in Burundi rose 13 percent in 2013 » ARTC – The Africa Report )
  15. 15. Origin of the cases received by the Centre Seruka
  16. 16. Tools needed
  17. 17. Basic mobile phone for text messaging
  18. 18. Computer
  19. 19. USB modem
  20. 20. Software to distribute and collect information via text messages (FrontlineSMS)
  21. 21. Software for information collection, visualisation and interactive mapping
  22. 22. Internet Connection
  23. 23. The workflow
  24. 24. centreseruka.crowdmap.com
  25. 25. Challenges • Literacy rate: rural areas tend to have lower rates than the urban one -> This first phase of the project is particularly focused on Bujumbura area • Project Sustainability -> Staff trainings and mobilization • Reliability of the information received -> Verification of information through volunteers (respecting the privacy of the person) • Taboo subject -> Sensitization and awareness raising strategy
  26. 26. Challenges • Privacy rights -> a point person responsible for entries • ICT knowledge and skills are required -> capacity building strategy (all level, staff, stakeholder and community) • Likely technology is still male dominated (we don’t have data about the number of women owning a mobile phone in Burundi) -> it’s too early to talk about results
  27. 27. Investing on existing skills • Valorise the experience of CCM NGO and of the Centre Seruka in the fight against GBV to engage community mobilization and spread the service - > sensibilisation campaign (promotional materials, radio emissions, awareness session…) • Train and involve all the Centre Seruka staff and volunteers on the use and promotion of the service
  28. 28. Investing on existing skills • Present the service to journalists who are already working on ​​GBV topic (press conference) and start an exchange on how to better cover gender-based violence topic on media
  29. 29. The presentation has been prepared in collaboration with CCM NGO in the framework of the project “Projet pilote de décentralisation des services de prise en charge des violences sexuelles dans 3 provinces du Burundi” DCI- Santé/2011/275-783 financially supported by the European Union. Please note that any views or opinions presented in this activity are solely those of the promoters and do not necessarily represent those of the European Union. Thank you. Viviana BRUN brunvivi@gmail.com