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All those types of vouchers by voucherful.co.uk

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All those types of voucher codes, offers and discounts that are the most popular for online shoppers. Find out which ones work the best.
Bring more voucher codes for voucherful.co.uk
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All those types of vouchers by voucherful.co.uk

  1. 1. Company Profile 2013 TYPES OF DISCOUNTS o CODE – 10% offall products at Debenhams. Enter code at checkout. o DEAL – 10% offall products at Debenhams. Click the link to get to the discount area on the Debenhams website. TYPES OF DISCOUNTS Discount codes that apply to all the products at the store and reduce the price of an order by specific money amount or percentage. o CODE – £10 off all products at Debenhams. o CODE – 10% across the site at Dorothy Perkins. Discount codes that apply to a certain group of products: o 20% off all shoes o 20% off Kardashian Collection o Discount that only applies on selected items. e.g. Diablo or FIFA series: 50% off Diablo Shipping related discount codes o Free delivery codes with no minimum threshold CODE/DEAL – Free Delivery on all orders o Discount codes that lower the minimum threshold CODE/DEAL – Free Shipping with orders over £50 (instead of £100) Discount codes with a minimum spend threshold o CODE – 5% off orders over £100 o CODE – 10% off orders when you spend £200 or more Gift vouchers for the next order over a specific amount o CODE – £20 off your next orders when you spend £200 Free giveaways o DEAL – Buy one get one free. o Free giveaways (e.g. a bag) with orders over a certain amount New customer codes: o CODE – £5 off your first order at Debenhams. 1