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Presentation about Voucherful.co.uk

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Launched in 2012 the UK version is now operating as Voucherful.co.uk – customers’ destination for tons of wonderful online vouchers, promotions and deals from a large number of UK online shops. Since the beginning the company’s mission is to create the trustworthy, simple and user-friendly online shopping experience, The site’s goal is to facilitate saving money during online shopping – that is why they are collecting and listing all the best free vouchers and promotional codes for their visitors. Services offered by the Voucherful.co.uk are completely free and available for everyone.

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Presentation about Voucherful.co.uk

  1. 1. Your Destination For W onderful Vouchers Increase Your R evenue R each New Customers R eward Current Customers Build Your Brand Awareness Speed Up Your Business Aga Marchewka Magda W erminska UK Market Specialist 0048 536480397 UK Market Manager 0048 790 759 470 aga.marchewka@voucherful.co.uk magdalena.werminska@voucherful.co.uk International Coupons Sp. z o.o. Rynek Główny 28, 31-010 Kraków, Poland
  2. 2. Overview • About InterantionalCoupons.com • Voucherful.co.uk Promotional Opportunities • Successful Campaigns • Merchants Benefits
  3. 3. Since 2008, our mission is to provide you with the best discounts, deals and voucher codes from the online shopping sites. We launched our websites in 20 countries worldwide. Voucherful.co.uk is a part of international chain of voucher code websites. We are the leading brand on the Norwegian, Dutch and Polish market. Our sister site - KodyRabatowe.pl is the biggest voucher code website in Poland! As we continue to expand, we have developed from Discounthunt.co.uk . We also operate other sister voucher site in the UK market: PiggyVoucherCodes.co.uk. It is growing in strength day by day. There are 300,000 active users across all our voucher code websites who spend around 90 million € per year.
  4. 4. Subscribers: Monthly Pageviews: 300 000 23 000 000 Number of Sales: 190 000 (per year) Total Order Value: 90 000 000 (per year) Unique Visitors: 1 000 000 Shops: 25 000
  5. 5. About INTERNATIONALCOUPONS • Over 5 years of customer savings • 20 markets (and growing) successfully launched and operating • Up to 1 million daily unique visitors across all 18 markets • 300 000 member database – fully opted in, not purchased or leased • Over 25 000 merchant relationships • Dedicated Business Relationship & Market Account Managers • Flexibility and Efficiency – fast Implementation and New Sales Tactics • Creativity – FB competitions, on site promotions, bespoke campaigns • Expanding portfolio of resources – email, blogs, creative, content, etc.
  6. 6. Voucherful.co.uk Opportunities In return for exclusive codes, we can offer some/all of the following site opportunities: Our Homepage Placement in the Top 15 Codes Exclusive Promo Space: 750x300 Exclusive Voucher Banner : 350x300 Placement in the New Offers Placement in the Best Deals
  7. 7. Newsletter The Best Theme & Category Codes •6 000 distribution list and growing •Clean – Completely opted in and exclusive •Weekly distribution •80% Female Carefully Selected Clients •Click-through Rates 12% •Minimal unsubscribe rates due to high quality base Exclusive Promo Space
  8. 8. Social Media Presence: Social Media Benefits: •Our Blog •Well indexed by Google via feeds •Twitter •Facebook •Pinterest •Growing and interactive following •Instant tool
  9. 9. Competitions •Great brand exposure on our site and pushed through various marketing •Prize is required (vouchers to spend, actual products, money etc) •Exposure includes: oExclusive Promo Space on our homepage oDedicated competition landing page oMentions at the top of our newsletter oDedicated and branded FB application oPromotion on Twitter, Pinterest oEspecially designed banners oPaid promotion on Facebook Fan Page oPrevious Successful Competition Campaigns run via Discounthunt.co.uk oPromotion on 3rd party competition websites, oCooperation with relevant bloggers
  10. 10. Successful Promotions
  11. 11. Merchants Benefits • Bringing Incremental Sales • Clearance of end of season/discontinued lines • Swaying consumers at purchase stage! • Adding credibility to your offers • Helping to become competitive • Working to your requirements • Maintaining strong sales during price establishment • New customer acquisition • Additional brand exposure
  12. 12. How We Operate We treat our visitors and merchants as customers: For merchants: • Marketing plans to suit your strategy • Real partnership to service savvy shoppers • Deal intelligence to optimise your strategy For visitors: • Best user experience – e.g. deals always work • Best deals to suit their needs • Social media engagement
  13. 13. Where are we now? • 19 markets worldwide • Kodyrabatowe.pl – the biggest and only voucher code site in Poland • The only network covering so many countries worldwide • Successfully launched and working on the UK market Where are we heading? • Work towards being the best voucher code site for retailers, members, networks and staff • Maintain IAB compliance at all times • Retain our place as a leading player in the voucher code field worldwide • Launching new markets worldwide
  14. 14. Contact Us Aga Marchewka UK Market Specialist 0048 536 480 397 aga.marchewka@voucherful.co.uk Magda Werminska UK Market Manager 0048 790 759 470 magdalena.werminska@voucherful.co.uk