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Self promotion

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Helpful hints on making sure the contribution you're making is fully understood and rewarded.

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Self promotion

  1. 1. Self Promote?
  2. 2. Inner and Outer Work
  3. 3. Attila the Hen Only Man in the Cabinet The old witch The Iron Frau
  4. 4. Believe in Yourself What you really believe What you’d like to believe
  5. 5. Not well liked Too Political Can’t be trusted Difficult Too aggressive Not a team player Mean Bossy Entitled Unprofessional Rude No Lady Butch CriticalLoud Too ambitious Conceited
  6. 6. A man has to be Dick Cheney in order to be called ruthless. All a woman needs to do is put you on hold. Marlo Thomas
  7. 7. Like trying to cross a minefield backward in high heels. Sheryl Sandberg
  8. 8. They’ll notice what I’m doing and reward me
  9. 9. If they don’t reward me, I don’t deserve it
  10. 10. It’s selfish to ask for myself
  11. 11. I’ll offend someone and be punished
  12. 12. I’d rather be happy than rich
  13. 13. I’m good at what I do dance
  14. 14. Outer Work
  15. 15. Sheryl, your desire to be liked by everyone will hold you back. When you want to change things, you can’t please everyone. If you do please everyone, you aren’t making enough progress.
  16. 16. • Have a career plan. • Keep a list of achievements – 3 to 5 at hand • Express interest early in leadership • Set up lunches, meetings with firm leaders • Take leadership roles outside firm • Tell superiors about leadership capabilities and achievements. • Ask to be included in client pitches. • Affirmatively court clients, particularly women in leadership positions. • Write, speak and appear at client events. • Promote other women
  17. 17. Observe and Co-Create the Culture
  18. 18. I’d like to build on what Sara said Amy gave a great oral argument I couldn’t have done it without April
  19. 19. The trial team achieved a great victory: Gerald prepared all the witnesses Monica wrote the jury instructions Chelsea researched the law I broke their key witness on cross
  20. 20. Help Me Help You!
  21. 21. • I won a Henry Ford Scholar award for having the highest first-year academic record • 6 men let it be known they’d won them too • I didn’t tell anyone and swore them to secrecy • They became most- quoted speakers • Nice or competent
  22. 22. • Frightened • Taken off the waiting list • Smart enough to pick smart study partners • They were wait listed too • We all graduated in the top 10% of the class
  23. 23. Is this person in between me and what I want to do?" If no[t], ignore it and move on. If your boss is a jerk, try to find someone above or around your boss who is not a jerk..
  24. 24. Feel anger or sadness and move on
  25. 25. No One is Better at Being You Than You Are
  26. 26. You’ll never end the wage gap until you raise the status of your clerical workers