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Using CI for continuous delivery Part 2

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This is part 3 of "Using CI for continuous delivery" in which we test drive TeamCity. More details can be found at www.vishalbiyani.com/ci-continuous-delivery

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Using CI for continuous delivery Part 2

  1. 1. TeamCity - JetBrains http://www.jetbrains.com/tea mcity/index.html www.vishalbiyani.com
  2. 2. Again we start by building the pipeline in TeamCity – which is in Admin tab We build “project” which can have subprojects. www.vishalbiyani.com
  3. 3. A project can have subprojects which in turn can have “Build Configurations”actual executors of tasks The project itself can have build configurations of it’s own www.vishalbiyani.com
  4. 4. Each “build configuration” item will have options that can be configured like actual task, triggers, dependencies, parameters and eligible agents which can execute that configuration www.vishalbiyani.com
  5. 5. The list of “runners” available OOTB- more can be added by installing plugins. www.vishalbiyani.com
  6. 6. Trigger types Failure condition types www.vishalbiyani.com
  7. 7. Parameters including system and environment properties www.vishalbiyani.com
  8. 8. Which agent can execute what can be determined by checking value of parametersquite handy www.vishalbiyani.com
  9. 9. We already have one agent installed and enabled on same machine for demo www.vishalbiyani.com
  10. 10. A pipeline for the application available on homepage Issues/Broken pipelines can be assigned to people to be resolved www.vishalbiyani.com Exception/errors in a stage of pipeline visible right at top!
  11. 11. Details of a particular stage in pipeline – here we can see the build, change log, which agents can work on this etc. www.vishalbiyani.com
  12. 12. Ability to build any kind of project from Java to .NET to Xcode is a awesome feature of TeamCity www.vishalbiyani.com
  13. 13. http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TW/TeamCity+Plugins www.vishalbiyani.com
  14. 14. TeamCity - Concluding thoughts • Build jobs have great flexibility and many options – Excellent CI server • Although CD actions are available – semantics is basic • The actions available OOTB and as plugins are plenty • You can build multitude of technologies in one CI server • Found a little tricky till you get hang of it www.vishalbiyani.com