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EdCamps - the new way to do Professional Development

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EdCamps is Free Professional Development For Teachers By Teachers

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EdCamps - the new way to do Professional Development

  1. 1. Description: EdCamps are “Unconferences” “EdCamps – the offered by teachers for new way to do teachers. Teachers are the presenters and the Professional campers. Do you want Development” to change the way professional development is done? Do you want more for your campus or district? We have tips and resources to help. LACUE 2012 Valerie Burton, West Jefferson High SchoolCo-Presenter(s): Tinashe Blanchet, Carl Gaines, Brian Mull, Paula Naugle, Tiffany Whitehead
  2. 2. The Phenomenon Grew from the BarCampphilosophy, like-minded people getting together to share and grow.
  3. 3. EdCamp is a collaboration among educators who passionately believe in theEdCamps power of educational technology to transform teaching and learning. We are devoted to advancing best practices in K-12 education and professional development
  4. 4. Born from Bar Camp Set-up
  5. 5. I have attended two and I have enjoyed them both
  6. 6. To be professionally developed, who isConcept the best judge of what is needed? Administrators or Teachers
  7. 7. 4 Tips toGettingStarted
  8. 8. Attend an EdCampBefore hosting your own, try to attend an EdCamp.
  9. 9. Visit the EdCamp Wikispace Check out the official EdCamp wiki page for ideas and inspiration.
  10. 10. Choose Your TeamOrganizing an EdCamp is hard to do alone. Enlist the help of your PLN
  11. 11. Get Organized Once you’veselected your team get organized
  12. 12. • Select a venueTo get • Select a datestarted • Select your team • Select your focus
  13. 13. • Send information about your EdCamp via email!Contact contacts as well. your • Attach important documents, videos, or PLN pictures that you might have. • Encourage them to forward it to their PLN to broaden exposure.
  14. 14. Website, Blog or Wiki !?! Your site should include as much information about your event as possible.Platform is 1. Purpose of your EdCamp your 2. The location and time/schedule 3. Sponsors page – if you have choice sponsors who have donated money or products, you need space dedicated to promote their business. 4. A Contact page – add a form so that anyone can communicate with you if needed. Be sure to include a contact email address whether or not you use a form.
  15. 15. Get the word out • Create a Twitter account for your EdCamp and decide on a #HashtagTweet, • (Example: #EdCamp*insertTweet your event’s name*). • A lot of information for y’all upcoming EdCamps is tweeted out by your Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter, so this will help others keep up with your latest EdCamp news.
  16. 16. • Create a Facebook Event, Fan page, or do both!“Like” • As one of the most popular social it? networking sites, Facebook is a great place to publicize your EdCamp.
  17. 17. • Any ideas, goals, completed tasks, to-doBloggers lists, you name it –start blogging about it.… write! • Use your blog to advertise your event. • Your blog would serve as a terrific reference for future EdCamp organizers.
  18. 18. Create Flyers: Grab people’sFlyers or attention with a fun, catchy flyer! Admittedly, printing Posters costs can get pretty expensive so make sure to pair it up with an electronic PDF. If you do decide to pass out hard copies, try to see if your local printing company will give a discount.
  19. 19. Be sure to have a tight team with duties dispersed to make sure that all bases are covered • Publicity – who is going to send out emails, posts, tweets, etc.?Team • Facility Set up – who is going to be sure that everything ready at least an hour before event begins? • Greeters/MCs - who is making announcements and checking campers in? • Food set up/servers – who is setting up/out snacks, coolers, etc.? • Clean up – who is helping to break down rooms after sessions?
  20. 20. • Make board for sign up and set it up• Check Wi-Fi• Have signs up for Wi-Fi passwordsand instructions• Mark rooms with signs that will holdsessions• Walk through and check out thetechnology hook ups, projectors, etc.Check in:• Check list with names or EventbriteIpad/iphone App
  21. 21. • Have a wiki that has a page to be updated by participants Build • Have schedule from board onConnections wiki Collect • Photo album (ex: Flickr, Picasa) resources • Back Channels set up by room or by session • Have a Google Doc, wikipage or registration site with everyone’s name/ school/email/twitter, etc
  22. 22. • Check rooms for VGA hook ups • Check Wi-Fi capabilities • Be careful streaming, you do not want it to slow down the Wi-FiDay of What supplies are needed?Camp • Paper, pens and possibly post-its or cards for the EdCamp board • Tape or Velcro to stick index cards if you are using a paper board • Power strips, projectors and cables (do not assume the facility has them)
  23. 23. • Breakfast items & coffee • Lunch - either have list of nearby places to eat orFood have sponsors cater. • Drinks w/coolers - have drinks cold and available not only for lunch but throughout the day • Snacks for campers to munch on
  24. 24. • Clean up• Regroup• Get feedback• Thank EVERYONE Think about NEXT TIME
  25. 25. EdCamp Louisiana Organizers:Tinashe Blanchet @MrsBlanchetNet ~ Mathematics Teacher, John Ehret High SchoolValerie Burton @MsBisOnline ~ M.Ed., English Teacher, Jefferson Parish School SystemCarl Gaines @Carl_Gaines ~ Computer Science Teacher, Chalmette High School/AP SocialStudies Instructor, Louisiana Virtual SchoolBrian Mull @BrianMullNL ~ Director of Innovation, November LearningPaula Naugle @PLNaugle ~ 4th Grade Teacher, Jefferson Parish Public School SystemTiffany Whitehead @Librarian_Tiff ~ Teacher-Librarian, Central Community School District
  26. 26. Online Schedule on the Wiki
  27. 27. Name tags and buttonsHelp make things look “Professional”
  28. 28. Student Presenters
  29. 29. Door Prizes
  30. 30. Snacks
  31. 31. v
  32. 32. •Flickr/EdCampLA•Facebook/EdCampLA•Twitter/EdCampLA•YouTube/EdCampLA•Gmail/EdCampLA 2011•Posterous posts/EdCampLA•PBworks wiki/EdCampLA
  33. 33. Twitter Background
  34. 34. What do you want form theexperience?
  35. 35. July 10, July 17, July 24, and July 31 Location: Wamogo Regional High School 98 Wamogo Road Litchfield, CThttps://sites.google.com/a/rsd6.org/edcamprsd6/
  36. 36. EdCamp Social Studies will take place at theScience Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA on March 24, 2012HangoutsWebsite ~ EdCampSS http://www.edcampss.org/p/about.htmlFacebook ~ EdCamp Social StudiesTwitter ~ @EdCampSS & #edcampssContact ~ edcampsocialstudies@gmail.com
  37. 37. The School for Global Education & Innovationis proud to present a FREE event for NY and NJ educators.This “UNCONFERENCE” will be held at the STEM Building at KeanUniversity on August 9, 2012 from 8am - 4pmhttps://sites.google.com/site/edcampcommoncore/
  38. 38. What are the goals of edcamp COEdTech 2012?• Networking: Connect educators in the Central Oregon area• Instructional Practices: Learn new curriculum ideas, best practices, and/or tech integration ideas from other educators• Personalized: You customize your own PD by suggesting, facilitating and attending sessions about topics that interest you!http://edcamp.coedtech.org/
  39. 39. Burlington High School offered weekly edcampsevery Tuesday starting on July 10.https://sites.google.com/a/bpsk12.org/edcamp-tuesdays/homeEach week they offered participants a space toshare new ideas, ask questions, and connectwith each other.
  40. 40. http://edcampai.wikispaces.com/
  41. 41. • http://files.simplek12. com/downloads/How ToEdCamp.pdf• http://www.edutopia. org/blog/planning-an- edcamp-details-mary- beth-hertz• http://edcamp.org/
  42. 42. We believe in the power ofProfessional DevelopmentFor Teachers By Teachers