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Doing Business Socially on Facebook | Wahine Media at Pacific New Media

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Your business has a Facebook page, now what? How do you find and build an audience? Find out what it takes to be visible on Facebook and how to build a vibrant community through outreach and engagement, who to talk to and how. Engagement is the magic 'key to the city' but it takes time. Step through time-saving and helpful tools, get insider tips and, during demonstration, analyze your page and make adjustments real-time. This is a fast-paced class so bring your laptop and a basic understanding of Facebook.

Prerequisite: An open, active Facebook account.

Gwen Woltz is co-founder of Wahine Media, a local social media agency that specializes in strategically building thriving and engaged online communities for businesses (wahinemedia.com). Gwen is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the president of Social Media Club Hawaii (smchawaii.org), a finalist for Pacific Edge Magazine's Young Professional of the Year, one of Hawaii's Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012, and has over 6 years of digital media and marketing experience.

Taught by Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) professional member.

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Doing Business Socially on Facebook | Wahine Media at Pacific New Media

  1. Doing  Business  Socially   on  Facebook ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Download slides: slideshare.net/wahinemedia
  2. You have a business with a Facebook page, you’ve been posting, but you don’t have any comments and likes... ! What do you do now?
  3. Social media is NOT A FREE ADVERTISING PLATFORM ! Relationships are key. People expect to be treated like individuals ! People connect with you through the content you produce and share ! The payoff may come later than sooner. Position your brand to be top of mind
  4. The ROI of social media is your business will exist in 5 years. ! —Gary Vaynerchuck What’s  the  ROI  of   social  media?
  5. Now, what does this all look like?
  6. The  80/20  rule 20% marketing 80% being “social” Outreach and engagement
  7. Facebook  Algorithm Edge Rank (affinity, weight, time) still relevant, but added layers 97% of your fans will NEVER return to your wall! Fan engage with your page through the content you post, and that they see on their News Feed Facebook’s algorithms seek to move the most “relevant” content to the top of people’s News Feed
  8. Facebook  Algorithm:   Affinity The relationship between the fan and the page The more a fan has engaged with a page, the more likely its content will show on that fan’s News Feed When friends interact with pages often, their actions with that page may appear Relationship settings also a factor
  9. Facebook  Algorithm:   Weight Different types of posts (vehicle) rank higher, but are not the only factor in showing in the News Feed Photos are proved to rank higher New algorithms don’t look at global interactions (among fans), but also what kinds of posts friends of fans interact with
  10. Facebook  Algorithm:   Time The longer a post is on the home feed, the more it “decays” Average life span is 24 - 48 hours
  11. Facebook  Algorithm:   New  Changes Hide Post/Spam Reporting Device and Technical Considerations Ad History Story Bumping & Last Actor
  12. Outreach Find and build your audience
  13. Outreach Find  and  build  your  audience Show interest in others first Invite your current contacts Launch with a bang! It’s about quality not quantity
  14. Outreach Find  and  build  your  audience Show interest in others first • Like other pages • Who? • Competition, influencers, customers, journalists & bloggers, hashtags • [worksheets]
  15. Outreach Find  and  build  your  audience Invite your current contacts • Send out an email • Invite via email on Facebook • Invite your Facebook friends
  16. Outreach Find  and  build  your  audience Launch with a bang! • Sweepstakes & giveaways • Use 3rd party App to manage • Wildfire, Shortstack, NorthSocial, OfferPop, Strutta • Resource links h"p://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-­‐promo8ons-­‐what-­‐you-­‐need-­‐to-­‐know/   https://andreavahl.com/facebook/how-to-run-a-successful-facebook-contest.php
  17. Outreach Find  and  build  your  audience It’s about quality, not quantity • The tipping point • 500-1000 likes • Using Facebook Ads to grow relevant fans • Timeline—pay to play
  18. Engagement The value of a conversation
  19. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Have conversations Share content from others Share original content Include a clear call to action Be open and transparent Don’t forget your manners
  20. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Have conversations • Spend time in your home feed • Liking • Commenting
  21. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Share content from others • Share from your home feed • Share external links and tag • Post varied content • Photos & videos get the most responses
  22. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Create original content • Photos, videos, blog posts • People respond to opinion and expertise • Positions you as industry leader • Generates biggest ROI
  23. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Include a clear call to action • What do you want them to do? • Read? Comment? Like?
  24. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Be open and transparent • Allow both customer complaints and praise • Open your wall for comments and pictures • Share from “posts by others” • Post as yourself?
  25. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Don’t forget your manners • Treat people how you want to be treated • Please and thank you • Response time
  26. Facebook  Mechanics Tools to help you get ‘er done
  27. Facebook  Mechanics Tools  to  help  you  get  ‘er  done Scheduling in Facebook Maximizing Events Building Custom Apps Facebook Ads Facebook Insights What’s New
  28. Facebook  Mechanics Tools  to  help  you  get  ‘er  done Scheduling in Facebook • Use images whenever possible • Tags are preserved • Don’t schedule too far in advance • Manage in “activity log”
  29. Facebook  Mechanics Tools  to  help  you  get  ‘er  done Maximizing Events • Fill out info completely • Upload event cover image (new feature) • Invite your personal friends! • Make regular updates
  30. Facebook  Mechanics Tools  to  help  you  get  ‘er  done Building custom Apps • ShortStack • Instagram App (Stati.gram) • Apps within Facebook • Customize the thumbnail and text below
  31. Facebook  Mechanics Tools  to  help  you  get  ‘er  done Facebook Ads • Promoted posts • Promote the page • Targeted Ads
  32. Facebook  Mechanics Tools  to  help  you  get  ‘er  done Facebook Insights • Check often • Demographics • Like sources • Analyze post stats • Engagement rate
  33. Facebook  Mechanics Tools  to  help  you  get  ‘er  done What’s New • Who Posted (Feb 20, 2014) !
  34. Keep  in  touch! Wahine Media web: wahinemedia.com blog: wahinemedia.com/wahineblog facebook: facebook.com/wahinemedia twitter: @wahinemedia phone: 808 744-9269 ! ! ! ! Gwen Woltz @gjwahine ! ! Download this slideshow: http://slideshare.net/wahinemedia