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Life after merger

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The pitfalls and positives of mergers and how to make them work for you and your people.

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Life after merger

  1. 1. L if e A f t e r Me rg e r
  2. 2. A B r ie f B a c k g r o u n d• History• Competition• Collaboration• UK centric or federal structure
  3. 3. Tw o C h a r it ie s o r N e wC h a r it y ? We kept the focus on one question: ‘ W h a t is b e s t f o r d is a d v a n t a g e d o ld e r p e o p le ? ’ We concluded that we could raise more money, do more with it and adapt better to the changing world as a single charity than as two competitors
  4. 4. Is s u e s• Complexity• Defensive attitudes• Legal issues• Financial issues• HR Issues• Time
  5. 5. H o w d id w e d o it ?• Interim Board • Joint staff meetings• Legal Advice • Change training• External due • Location issuesdiligence reports • Communications• Meetings for legaldecisions
  6. 6. S h ir e o r C o u n t y ?Traditionally 3 Shire groups:• Montgomeryshire• Radnorshire• Brecknock
  7. 7. Tw o in t o o n e d o e s n ’ tgo • Funding situation • Trustee recruitment • Unwanted competition • Public confusion
  8. 8. M a k in g M e r g e rHappen• Bringing the boards together• Overcoming staff resistance• Due diligence• Agreeing the governance arrangements• Constitution and legal structure
  9. 9. The P ro c e s s• Transferring leases and contracts• Banking arrangements• TUPE• Timing
  10. 10. L if e S in c e M e r g e r –a lm o s t o n e y e a r o n• Staff conditions harmonised• Two offices retained• Complex annual financial reporting and AGMs• Still some LA confusion• New legal structure not yet in place• Not yet rebranded
  11. 11. L i f e A f t e r M e r g e r – Ye a r 1( 2 0 0 9 -10 )
  12. 12. L i f e A f t e r M e r g e r – Ye a r 1( 2 0 0 9 -10 )• New Board and Chief Executive• Interim 2 year business plan• Interim staff structure• Staff ‘Welcome Pack’ and Induction• Merger public launch and launch to older people• Rationalisation• Local partner offer consultations
  13. 13. L i f e A f t e r M e r g e r – Ye a r2 ( 2 0 10 -11)
  14. 14. L i f e A f t e r M e r g e r – Ye a r 2 ( 2 0 10 -11)• New name and rebranding• Harmonisation of conditions of service• Management and staff development• New Age Cymru Enterprises trading company• ‘Big Ticket’ areas of work• Local partner agreements developed• Marketing and communications
  15. 15. L i f e A f t e r M e r g e r – Ye a r 3 ( 2 0 11-12 )
  16. 16. L i f e A f t e r M e r g e r – Ye a r 3 ( 2 0 11-12 )• RBA based 3 year business plan 2012-15• New income generation team and strategy• First ‘flagship’ service developments and discussions on future ‘flagship’ services• Staff evaluation and structural review• Local partner signup/rebranding• Brand partner arrangements in place• New Age Cymru Retail company