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Why Branding Can't Be An Afterthought

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It used to be you thought about your brand once your product was built and launched into the market, if you thought about your brand at all. Modern app and software products consider their brand, voice, and personality from Day 1.

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Why Branding Can't Be An Afterthought

  1. 1. Why Branding Can’t Be An Afterthought
  2. 2. Robert Wallace @robertawallace
  3. 3. “Over the next several years, marketing, branding and positioning, all under-appreciated disciplines in the valley will become markedly more important. As barriers to entry continue to fall driven by cloud technologies, competition among startups will increase and the startups that reach their target customer bases with the best messaging, building the most effective brands, will win. We know storytelling will be the differentiator…[as it does in] every commodity industry...brand building investments should become a key part of the marketing efforts of the business. Ultimately, the brand may become half the value of the company and the true differentiator in the market place.” -Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz), Redpoint Ventures
  4. 4. Your product is not just a product; it’s an extension of your brand and the primary driver of growth and user acquisition.
  5. 5. SILO’D, LINEAR APPROACH Development: Silo’d approach to developing an app Design: If offered, always an afterthought, on the front-end and tossed over the wall Branding & Positioning: Not offered OR always after product is built User Acquisition: Most think has nothing to do with product build
  6. 6. SILO’D, LINEAR APPROACH Development: MVP! MVP! MVP! Design will surely fix it, right? What the hell is Branding? User Acquisition: Okay, now, how do we sell?
  7. 7. Design: World class visual and micro-interaction design with continuous testing to ensure ease of use. Development: Well-architected, scalable, gorgeous web and native iOS apps which focus on only the most essential. Branding & Positioning: A brand, identity, and voice that is woven into your product, resonates with users and differentiates you from the competition. User Acquisition: Built-in growth and viral hooks, as well as cost-efficient customer acquisition systems to drive consistent growth. AN INTEGRATED APPROACH
  8. 8. The Brand Promises are Literally Delivered through the Interface and Interactions (Voice + Tone) The User Builds a Relationship with the Application (Brand Promise + Personality) MODERN SOFTWARE / APP DEVELOPMENT CONSIDERS BRANDING
  9. 9. Other messaging apps exist. But the the lighthearted and endearing messages, the giphy’s all add to the experience.
  10. 10. MailChimp’s voice and tone is critical to their customer experience. The messages and tone adapts to how a user is feeling, such as just having accomplished or completed a task.
  11. 11. Siri Easter eggs “What's zero divided by zero?" “Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.”
  12. 12. BRANDING = EVERY INTERACTION YOUR PRODUCT HAS WITH YOUR USER Slack’s distinct colors help it stand out in crowded enterprise messaging space Emoji’s make the product more fun and engaging Built-in GIFs increase user engagement Slackbot, Slack’s programmable robot, assistant and sidekick builds a relationship with users Emoji responses “reward” team members for good posts and incentivize the behavior Programmable slackbot responses let your team’s personality shine through
  13. 13. ”Great branding isn’t just about the product you’re selling now, but about maintaining the sales momentum into the product you’ll be selling tomorrow.” - Ben Mack, Think Two Products Ahead
  14. 14. robert.wallace@tallwave.com