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Cookies (in Online Advertising)

A primer to cookies and how they are used in online advertising.

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Cookies (in Online Advertising)

  1. 1. Cookies and more... By, Vinay Shriyan
  2. 2. It all started from a ... ...shopping cart at Netscape
  3. 3. Wikipedia says... ...a cookie is used for an originwebsite to send state information to a usersbrowser and for the browser to return the stateinformation to the origin site
  4. 4. Typical flow Go to URL Read Cookie Yes Is Cookie Write new Cookie No Empty? Use Cookie infoUpdate Cookie info
  5. 5. Unique Cookies 47,908 382,57613,489 12,246 11,219 10,580 9,895 4,372 Source: Feb 2012 statistics by cookielaw.org
  6. 6. Cookies is used by 49.7% of all the websites.
  7. 7. Cookies cannot...Automatically access to personal informationRead or write data to hard diskRead or write information in cookies placed by other sitesRun programs on your computer
  8. 8. Cookies can...Store any information you explicitly provide to asiteTrack your interaction with parent site such as pages visited, time of visits, number of visits
  9. 9. Max 4Kb in size 3 imp Attributes: Name,Value,Expiry300 cookies per browser
  10. 10. Cookies are used for...User Tracking Session Management Personalization
  11. 11. Ad server Web server
  12. 12. Social widgets arecollaborative but act as homingdevices for online advertisers...
  13. 13. Facebook Case studyI window shop at
  14. 14. Yes I Love
  15. 15. Audience profilingIt knows who you are + = Better Targeting What you like
  16. 16. It knows you, before you even login...
  17. 17. Cookies and UK 26th May 2011, the Cookie law Obtain informed consent from visitors82% of digital marketers think the EU cookie law is bad for the web - eConsultancy.com
  18. 18. The ICO case “Websites face £500k fine for breaching ‘cookie’ law“
  19. 19. Cookies and Privacy
  20. 20. Opt-out of targeting
  21. 21. Opt-out of targeting
  22. 22. RTB – Ecosystem, remember?
  23. 23. What about Chitika??
  24. 24. Thank you...