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Move Your Large Muscles

  1. Move Your Large Muscle Groups By Wasentha Young, MA
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  3. Your arms, legs, and torso are large muscle groups. 1 When you move your large muscle groups for 30 minutes, it is called aerobics.
  4. You should move your large muscle groups because… 2
  5. A happy heart can help you to walk far. In India, Priti can walk one mile to school with her older sister. 4
  6. A happy heart can play longer with friends. In Mexico, Rita and Diana gave piggyback rides to their smaller friends for a half hour. 5
  7. When you move large muscle groups your lungs are happy. Remember, large muscle groups are your arms, legs, and the front and back of your torso. 6 (
  8. Happy lungs help you breathe better. You can blow-up balloons. Theresa, like Mae in China, can blow lots of bubbles. 7
  9. With happy lungs Dane in Holland can take a deep breath of beautiful flowers. Rachel can take a deep breath before she dives into the water. 8
  10. Moving large muscle groups can be lots of fun. Like Lela in Jamaica you can leap like a frog. 9
  11. Jumping rope or playing hopscotch also uses large muscle groups. You can jump high like Roberto in Puerto Rico. 10
  12. Throwing a ball like Aglea in Greece and swinging a baseball bat uses all of the large muscle groups. 11
  13. When you dance you use large muscle groups because your arms, legs, and torso move. 13
  14. Everyone can move large muscle groups. Sarah can wiggle her torso and dance in her wheelchair. Kimberly can toss a basketball into the hoop. Tony has a special wheelchair for racing. 14
  15. When you play outside you move large muscle groups. 15
  16. In the winter you can play indoor sports to move your large muscle groups. Sports like volleyball, basketball, or going bowling with friends and family are fun ways to use your large muscle groups. 17
  17. Move Your Large Muscles Games Circle 3 large muscle groups Knee Arm Nose Cheeks Leg Torso Finger Can you find the three ways to the playscape? 26
  18. Word Puzzle Circle the words you find in the puzzle Can you find these words? 27
  19. Dot-to-Dot Soccer Ball What are your large muscle group activities? 1.___________ 2.___________ 3.___________ 4.___________ 5.___________ 6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________ 9.___________ 10.__________ 28
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