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Presentation for Catalyst workshop, with notes

This accompanying slide show includes notes to help the presenter

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Presentation for Catalyst workshop, with notes

  1. 1. - Welcomes- For background, the RSA was formed in 1754 by industrialists who came together in part to offer money (“Premiums”) to people to come up with solutions to tackle specific social problems e.g. how to prevent young children sweeping chimneys. In 2010, the RSA again put up cash prizes to help innovations get off the ground through its Catalyst programme for RSA Fellows.- Set out the plan for your workshop. This might look as follows: - 10 mins running through Catalyst - 5 mins Q&A - 10 mins of brief introductions from those who didn’t ask questions (depending on how many people there are) - 10 mins Catalyst winner(s) in the region with 5 mins for Q&A and offers of support/collaboration - 5 mins each for people wanting to set out ideas they have, with 5 mins for Q&A and offers of support/collaboration 1
  2. 2. This short presentation, expected to take a maximum of 10 minutes, will answer:- What is Catalyst?- What does Catalyst support?- Exactly what does Catalyst support? (going into more detail about the criteria by which we award grants)- What can you do next? 2
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  5. 5. We normally receive around 150 ideas each year, awarding around 35 grants (one in 4.5).Some regions and nations also have their own separate venture funds supporting Fellows’ projects (Australia/New Zealand,North West England, West England, West Midlands, Scotland, South Central England and USA). You can apply to thesethrough the Catalyst form. 5
  6. 6. We normally award varying degrees of non-financial support to a majority of applications.Regional teams (Fellowship Council member, Regional Chair, Regional Programme Manager) will work closely with you indelivering this non-financial support if it meets the Catalyst criteria. 6
  7. 7. - 7
  8. 8. These are some of the first products made by Reap & Sow. The venture piloted in Durham with the help of £7,000 fromRSA Catalyst and design students through the RSA’s cultural partnership with Northumbria University. Reap & Sow workswith emerging UK designers to create home and outdoor living ranges made by people in prison or upon their release tocreate genuine employment and life prospects for ex-offenders.Co-founder Kate Welch FRSA was recently chosen by the RSA Social Entrepreneurs Network to be one of 9 “spotlighted”social enterprises for 2012. 8
  9. 9. Sharon worked with local Fellows and volunteers to develop the idea of a Saturday Arts Academy, which would take placeon school premises and would enable pupils to learn about – and try – different artistic skills. There was no visual artscomponent on the school’s curriculum and many pupils had never even held a paintbrush. With the help of a £1,500 grantfrom Catalyst, she has run seven Art with Dad events, a school-wide art competition and a workshop at Chattanooga’sHunter Museum. 9
  10. 10. Plan Zheroes maps and connects businesses with excess food with organizations able to receive and convert it into mealsfor citizens on low income. The idea was initially pitched at a London Fellows network in February 2011 before an initialCatalyst grant of £1,900 in March 2011 helped the team build a google map where food retailers and groups whodistribute food to marginalised communities register and search for each other. RSA staff worked to get technology expertsto the launch in November 2011. As a result, over 100 businesses and 30 food groups signed up to participate in centralLondon. An additional Catalyst grant of £5,000 was awarded in January 2012 to help build new functionality to make iteasier for businesses to give away their food, and for the website to monitor the amount of food donated.Co-founder Maria Ana Botelho Neves FRSA was recently chosen by the RSA Social Entrepreneurs Network to be one of 9“spotlighted” social enterprises for 2012. 10
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  16. 16. Deadlines for Catalyst are every six weeks available at www.thersa.org/catalystApplicants are not allowed to apply more than twice for the same idea, but one applicant may apply for many different ideas. 16
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