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Nav audience research

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Nav audience research

  1. 1. Naveed Mohammed
  2. 2.  The top 5 films are The Dark Knight, Spiderman 3, Iron man, Spiderman and X- Men The Last Stand. These films were the most successful for a number of reason, one of the main reasons for this would be the fact that the superhero’s in these films are the most popular. This is down to the fact they have cartoon series and a lot of merchandise, in all 5 films there is a lot of use of special effects, sounds and mise-en-scene used to enhance the experience for the viewers. The trailers to these films grasp the attention of the viewer, they not only attract superhero film enthusiasts but customers that aren’t hard core fans of the superhero genre. I know this as I myself aren’t such a big fan of superhero films, I viewed these trailers and wanted to watch the films. These films are aimed at a younger audience that will go to the cinema to watch them =, to an audience that will be interested by them. Marvels The Avengers/Iron Man 3/ The Wolverine– I believe the target the target audience for these films will be people who are fans of the marvel characters and superheroes, the audience will be superhero enthusiasts. The target audience will also be people who enjoy films packed with lots of action and special effects
  3. 3.  These films will be successful in finding an audience as they are following previous movies that were very successful , what this means is that viewers will be expecting the same great quality and will want to go to watch the movies. The Avengers is going to be the first movie of the summer out of the three, therefore customers will want to watch it. If it lives up to expectations then the audience will be optimistic about the other two films. They will be expecting them to be just as good or even better. Another reason these films will be successful in obtaining an audience is the star appeal, famous actors such as Robert Downey Jr are a part of the cast.
  4. 4.  Star directors are stars for a reason, they have a reputation for making the best quality movies. A star director will help a film to be more successful as viewers will already know who they are and may have watched previous films directed by them. If the previous films and critics have a good lasting impression on the viewers they will be more likely to go and watch new releases. This will result in gaining a bigger audience and generating more profit. A star director will also have more experience, they will have the experience to know how to improve the film. Star actors help to sell the film, viewers are more likely to watch a film that consists of famous actors they know or they are fans of. Star actors create greater expectations from the viewer, this makes the viewer want to go and watch the film.
  5. 5.  After carrying out the task with the group I gathered a few findings…1. The audience enjoy the story line to the films, how the story builds up to a point where the superhero uses their powers for good.2. The fact that these films are packed with a lot of action and are very entertaining to watch3. The audience also like a story that will keep them engaged and interested, they like how the films are attention grabbing.4. Another thing like is all the special effects used which make the movie much more interesting and the whole experience more enjoyable
  6. 6.  After a discussion with the group we came up with a number of things disliked…1. Sometimes the build up to an event can be too long, this can then bore the audience who will lose interest2. The fact that the plot or story line of the films can be similar so the audience can guess what’s coming next3. The story lines can sometimes be too unrealistic, the audience want to be able to relate to the film4. Superhero films always have a good ending where good triumphs over evil, as the story goes on the audience can guess how it is going to end. This can ruin the whole experience.
  7. 7.  For this task I chose Jafar and Dan I asked them to talk about superhero films they like. The films Jafar chose were Spider-man and Captain America1. He explained to me that he enjoyed both of these films, he enjoyed the story lines and the action that took place.2. I also found out that he prefers Spider-man over Captain America. This was because he is a fan of Spider-man, he explained to me that he didn’t really know much about Captain America as he is not as popular as Spider-man.3. he made me aware that he feels Spider-man is promoted a lot more through the cartoon series and merchandising e.g. toys.
  8. 8.  The films that Dan chose were superman and batman1. Dan told me that he enjoyed both of these films, he likes the special effects used in them and the story lines2. He feels that films like Batman, Superman, spider-man are more likely to be popular than films such as Thor3. This is because these characters are more available to the viewers through cartoons, games and merchandising4. He is personally a big fan of the superhero genre, therefor is always going to watch the movies. He enjoyed the cartoons and is know enjoying the cinematic experience